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Roy Heilbron, M.D. & C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

In World War II. Lewisite, an arsenic compound, was used as a chemical weapon. Looking for an antidote to arsenic poisoning, scientists discovered EDTA, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, which was particularly effective in removing lead, at that time a significant risk from lead based paints, and soon a major contaminant in “leaded gas”. In the 1950’s, Dr. Norman Clarke Senior, treating patients with lead poisoning, noted significant improvement in angina pectoris. Later he reported that 87% of patients with angina pectoris had significant improvement in angina, fat superior to any other treatment then or now~! Despite this and other such reports, the Medical Establishment rejected and even attacked the treatment and stuck with infinitely less effective and far more riskier procedures, including one of the worst ever, coronary bypass surgery, which is one of the most useless of all! The FDA, NIH and the American College of Cardiology have waged a war against chelation. In 2013, a $30+ million dollar NIH sponsored research project reported significant success and safety in chelation for coronary artery disease. Despite that, the Medical Establishment still rejects this important positive research. Dr. Roy Heilbron, whom I, Norm Shealy, consider the best cardiologist in the country, was one of the lead authors of the completed study. He is also soon joining us at the National Institute of Holistic Medicine in Springfield, Missouri. I have had only about 25 chelation’s in the past and have started on oral chelation. I also do hot tubs and saunas regularly.

Although EDTA chelation is generally done intravenously, there are a number of oral preparations which have some value. In addition, there are other chelating agents:

  • DMSA, dimercaptosuccinic acid for lead, arsenic and mercury poisoning
  • DMPS, Dimercapto-propane sulfonate for severe arsenic and mercury poisoning

There are also a number of herbal chelators, the best of which may be Xymogen’s CheleX, which also includes EDTA. Some companies push a variety of green concentrates but the research has not been done on outcomes in people.. Finally IV vitamin C is a significant chelator especially of mercury and aluminum.

Sources of heavy metals:

  • Chemtrails
  • Lead paint; lead crystal
  • Pesticides & herbicides
  • Tuna and some other fish
  • Peanuts have significant barium!
  • Aluminum cookware, cans, foil, packaging
  • Vaccines have mercury and aluminum
  • Upper GI and colonic X-Ray contrasts for barium
  • Motor vehicle exhaust
  • And there are numerous studies showing that some plants take up much more barium and some other heavy metals from the soil than others. Peanuts and olives, for instance, have high levels of barium. The bottom line of this information is that we live in a toxic world. The TACT (Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) study showed amazing results. A 26% reduction in cardiac events. To give you a perspective, statins have only been shown to have a 22% benefit, with far more serious “side effects.”. New diabetes medications are approved if they do not increase cardiovascular mortality. We showed an over 45% reduction in events using chelation therapy in diabetics. This has led to the new TACT 2 trial which will be beginning in the next several months. I, Dr. Heilbron, have done over 200 IV chelation’s on myself. I continue to use oral chelation once a week as well as frequent saunas. Because of the toxicity of this world we live in today it is important to be proactive in keeping your body as clean as possible. As Norm and I try to live healthily to 120 years, we hope you’ll join us in cleaning your body.
  •  Be elated, get chelated!!
  • The provocative chelation test requires a prescription for DMSA. 2000 mg for someone about 150 pounds. After taking it, urine is collected and sent to Doctors Data for measurement of heavy metals

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