Castor Oil for Cataracts

Long ago I wrote about some of the many benefits of castor oil, one of my favorite alternative remedies—Castor Oil, The Palma Christi.

For years I have recommended castor oil to dissolve early cataracts:

Each night, at bedtime, place into each eye one drop of USP castor oil. The reason for bedtime is that the vision will be clouded for a while because of the oil, but it is used up overnight.


Cataracts disappear over 2 to 6 months, depending on the degree of development. I have not known what to do when people are on medication for glaucoma but one person told me he got good results using castor oil one night and the glaucoma Rx the next night, etc.

Here is a recent report from one of my radio listeners:

‘Thank you so kindly for your suggestion to use USP castor oil in the eyes to reduce cataracts. I can attest that after about 2 months use in my eyes, they have cleared considerably. Furthermore, my dogs experienced reduction in eye opacity within about 1 month. They now behave as sighted animals, whereas before they were effectively blind and reacted to sounds and scents. In my case, I have discontinued considering cataract surgery indefinitely. Very, very much obliged, Sir.”

And another report from a client:

“Can’t thank you enough, Doc! You’re a sight saver.”

I have had similar reports from several dog owners!

Incidentally, I personally would recommend the following to help prevent a recurrence of cataracts:

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