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Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain-for Life

By David Perlmutter, M.D., Little, Brown, NY, 2015, $28.

90% of your DNA is in the probiotic microbes in your intestines- and to a great extent they determine the health of your entire body and particularly of your brain/mind!!

These critical health controllers are initiated by a healthy, vaginal delivery, breast feeding, exercise, and a healthy diet. They are easily destroyed by antibiotics, chlorinated water, B 12 deficiency, sugar, fructose, gluten, Roundup®, herbicides, pesticides, crummy nutrition, & The Pill! Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Hypertension, depression, anxiety, insomnia, & hypothyroidism are a few of the results of unhealthy gut bacteria!

Antidotes and Health/Brain Enhancers

Exercise, probiotics, live cultured yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha, Tempeh, Kimchi, Pickles, and pickled food, fermented meat, all green veggies and non-starchy vegetables, grass fed tallow, coconut oil, olives, cheese (except blue cheese), seeds, nuts and nut butters, Jerusalem artichokes, all healthy animal proteins.

Minimize non-gluten grains, sweeteners, legumes, carrots and parsnips, whole sweet fruits. Fast for 24 hours once a month or at least once a season. Consider a probiotic enema!!! See book for details.

And although he does not mention it, I would add

food grade diatomaceous earth one to three teaspoons daily!!!


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