C. Norman Shealy, .M.D., Ph. D.
I have been a bookaholic since at least age 10 and I still read 50 or more each year.  Last year I donated 6500 books to Missouri State University and I still have about that many–and still collecting. Over 60 years ago Thomas Wolfe was my favorite author. For the last 35 years Zechariah Sitchin has topped my list. I have consumed all of his books and still think THE 12TH PLANET is essential reading for everyone!  There are at last a dozen authors who have treated some of Sitchin’ s material with elaboration but none has captured his unique approach. The one who has best elaborated and added tremendous value is Paul Von Ward in GODS, GENES & CONSCIOUSNESS. It would be my second essential book for everyone. These two authors add a cognitive awakening for anyone with a mind to think!
Moving to a different genre, I have probably read more books in the field of religion than in any other field. Beginning with Craveri’ s THE LIFE of JESUS  in the 60’S,  I first recognized the tremendous fallibility of THE BIBLE. But it was Sitchin who motivated me to reread GENESIS  multiple times. The GODS who came down and who mated with humans remains to me the most ignored reports in all of literature!!! Please read and reread and THINK deeply about those statements. Then read ENUCHS for the KINGDOM of HEAVEN by Uta Ranke-Heineman.  Then,  ADD Anne Schaef’ s WOMEN’S REALITY and Marc Fasteau’s THE MALE MACHINE.  These last two help complete the ridiculous CHURCH nonsense of putting down women. To complete my top list in the religion group add CAESAR’S MESSIAH  by Joseph Atwill and  THE LOST GOSPEL by Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson.
 After having your societal and cultural  beliefs torn apart by these few gems, you might need my LIVING BLISS and  a bottle or two of Air Bliss.
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