BLISS – ECSTASY, EUPHORIA, RAPTURE, PARADISE, JOY, etc. These are the synonyms for bliss. In Sanskrit it is ANANDA and our brains produce the cannabinoid, anandamide, our built in chemical high! Interestingly anandamide is found even in invertebrates, so it appears to be an essential evolutionary gift. Anandamide is involved in memory and a wide variety of human behaviors, including eating, sleep and pain relief, as well as motivation and pleasure. We manufacture anandamide by combining arachidonic acid and phosphatidylchloine. Interestingly, the levels of anandamide in the brain are increased by intake of arachidonic acid and phosphatidylcholine. Arachidonic acid is a potential two way street, as too much of this omega-6 fatty acid produces some pain initiating prostaglandins. Phosphatidylcholine is a main constituent of egg yolk’s lecithin (it is the good stuff that keeps egg cholesterol from being harmful) and lecithin, most of which is derived commercially from soy. And lecithin is a major assistant in producing acetylcholine, crucial to memory.

Although dark chocolate is a natural source of anandamide and the only food with significant amounts of this joyous substance, I have explored the potentials of developing a non-caloric source of Bliss. The result:

BLISS is now available in a bottle. Just a brief whiff enthralls the senses. One drop is a terrific mood enhancer. A few drops in a water incense dispenser may make your room remarkably sensuous.

Our BLISS perfume is one of my favorite creations! And if it just happens to appear to have an aphrodisiac effect, then you may find another avenue to Bliss. Of course dopamine, prolactin and oxytocin are other neurohormonal enhancers of euphoria.

Until you can try the BLISS in a bottle, here are some additional Bliss hints:

Cinnamon – cinnamon enhances almost any food. Try adding a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your scrambled eggs. Just a quarter teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon create a scrumptious breakfast.

Cinnamon tea – a teaspoon of cinnamon and half a teaspoon of honey in a cup of hot water will satisfy most appetites. An additional quarter teaspoon of nutmeg may induce more euphoria. And, for the ultimate, add also a quarter teaspoon of ground clove. All this can also be added to a hot cocoa drink.

And for almost decadent Bliss, try:


Recipe for 4 cakes, using 10 OZ Pyrex custard cups:

Mixing takes 20 to 25 minutes

Place in a pan over boiling water:

5 ? ounces of imported bittersweet chocolate. I use Spanish Valor or Colombian Santaner, broken into small squares
11 tablespoons butter.

While the butter/chocolate is melting:

Mix together;

5 large eggs
? cup turbinado sugar, plus two tablespoons,
using a standard electric mixer at medium speed about 10 minutes
Reduce speed and add to this mixture:

5 tablespoons all-purpose flour, sifted
All the melted chocolate and butter
Mix 5 minutes

Meanwhile butter well the 4 custard cups and flour them

Pour about a third of the batter into the custard cups. Place on-half ounce of bittersweet chocolate in the center of each cup with the batter.
Pour in the rest of the batter.

The custard cups may be covered and placed in the refrigerator for up to three days.

When ready to cook, place the custard cups into an oven pre-heated to 325 degrees.

It takes about 20 minutes if the cups are cold, perhaps 15 if not cold from the refrigerator.

When the edges roll up, remove from the oven. Use a regular knife to loosen gently the edge from the cup. Place a dessert plate over the cup and then invert the cake onto the plate. Add a scoop of choice vanilla or coffee ice cream to the center of the cake and ENJOY.

This is a treat to be used on RARE occasions!