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BIOGENICS® Online Course: Mind. Body Spirit.

Expand Your Personal Power &
Enjoy A Healthier, Happier Life.

BIOGENICS® will help reduce anxiety & lower stress. It helps to relieve pain, depression and anxiety as well as chronic disease. BIOGENICS®will teach you how to:

Rewire your Brain

BIOGENICS® is much more than a simple set of video lectures. It’s a complete blueprint which can transform your life and take it to the next level.

Lower Stress & Anxiety and Manage Pain

It’s really quite simple, we use sound treatment and brain waves synchronization to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much quicker!

Achieve Neuroplasticity "Brain Training"

BIOGENICS® explores the science and cutting-edge research behind neuroplasticity, then teaches you how to harness its power and change the way your brain functions from the ground up to positively impact your life!

The Shealy-Sorin BIOGENICS® method has created over 36,000+ successful cases where conventional medicine has failed in chronic stress, depression, anxiety & pain. 

It’s Not Complicated or Difficult. Just Watch, Learn & Listen

BIOGENICS®: Mind. Body Spirit is relaxing & rejuvenating, so you can positively impact every single aspect of your life with Meditation Mind Training in BIOGENICS® backed by thousands of studies and over 36,000+ successful cases!

Explore the science and cutting-edge research behind neuroplasticity and sound wave technology. This powerful online course then teaches you how to harness its power and change the way your brain functions to positively impact your life to live happier, healthier & longer! 

With BIOGENICS® You’ll Have The #1 Most Powerful Tool Known Anywhere In The World To:


Developed by Dr. Shealy & Dr. Sergey in working with over 36,000+ patients and clinical research projects, combining Biofeedback, Binaural Beats, Autogenic Training & Self Regulation.

What Do I Get In The BIOGENICS® Course?

Dr. Norman Shealy & Dr. Sergey Sorin will take you step-by-step through the BIOGENICS® 60+ Guided Imagery Exercises proven system, helping you understand how you can impact your health with just a few simple brain exercises each day.

Some things may be out of your control, but your reaction to what is happening is certainly within your control. And you do have that power and the freedom to choose your response to the situation.

Your response to your situation will affect your outcome. 

When you master your response, when you master your mind, you will become a better version of yourself.

The BIOGENICS® program will give you the toolbox, as well as the tools, to put into the toolbox so that you can accomplish all that you want in your own life.

24/7 Access To Leading Holistic Medical Doctors

Mental Exercises For Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Self-regulation & Audio Exercises

BIOGENICS® Audio Training

Over 60+ Calming Exercises, Mindful Meditation & Breathing Techniques to Help you Relax.


Habits & Lifestyles

Emotional Support

Sensory Biofeedback

Spiritual Attunement

Plus, You'll Get FULL Access to Dr. Shealy's
Five Rings BIOGENICS® Audio Training Course

Fire, Earth, Crystal, Water and Air.

These Guided Imagery Exercises are the Perfect Companion with the
Transcutaneous Acupuncture & 5 Shealy-Sorin Bliss Essential Oils.

The Five Rings

Each of the rings has distinct and research proven benefit in the body and mind.

Ring of Fire

Fire Ring Enhances DHEA, the most Important Hormone for Health and Wellness.

Ring of Earth

Earth Ring Enhances Calcitonin, for Stronger and Healthy Bones.

Ring of Air

Air Ring Increases Neurotensin & Oxytocin, the Neuro-chemicals that give you the feeling of well-being.

Ring of Water

Water Ring Normalizes Aldosterone, which helps with Fluid Balance & Emotions.

Ring of Crystal

Crystal Ring Reduces Free Radicals which Causes Premature Aging.