Over 40 years of research shows how specific sound patterns can lead the brain to various states of consciousness ranging from deep relaxation or sleep to expanded awareness and other “extraordinary states”. This can be helpful in many areas, such as managing pain, enhancing sleep and reducing anxiety. 

We have extensively studied and used these techniques in our clinic creating over 36,000+ successful cases where conventional medicine had failed the patient.

Our Biogenics audio products are combined with revolutionary Sound Technology to support the brain wave states conducive to healing, recovery, focus, concentration, relaxation, sleep and so much more. Combined with your intention, these are inexpensive tools to enhance your well-being.

BIOGENICS is the foundation training we give to our private patients to start enhancing the “MIND” part of “Mind, Body, Spirit” on their holistic health journey. The mind is the control center of everything. Having more control of your mind & body leads to health & wellness. 

Our technique utilizes a three-prong approach:

1. Directing the state of consciousness

Brain wave state states can be generally described as the languages in which the brain communicates between parts of itself. By using specific sound frequencies we can direct the brain to reach one of the four major states of consciousness:

Delta (.5 to 3 Hz) – rest and recovery
Theta (4 to 7 Hz) – emotion and memory
Alpha (8 to 12 Hz) – relaxation and meditation
Beta (13 to 35 Hz) – thinking and reasoning

2. Bringing the brain into a state of coherence

The second component has to do with the use of frequencies to synchronize the two hemispheres of the brain leading one to a whole-brain state, where the left and right hemispheres of the brain are working in a state of coherence. When the brain is synchronized, there is a tendency for enhanced clarity, creativity, problem-solving, and memory. Studies show that is extremely difficult for an individual to maintain a whole-brain state for an extended time – even for Zen meditation masters! With our BIOGENICS Sound technology, anyone has the opportunity to reach and maintain a whole-brain state without years of practice.

3. Biofeedback to optimize human experience

The third component is the use of specific phrases during the brain training which stimulate the body and organs to gain more control and function better. One example is using the phrase “My abdomen is warm” during the training. This phrase activates all of the chemicals in the gut which regulate digestion and a large portion of the immune system. 

So while your brain is in the optimized state of consciousness now with 1 and 2, we deliver messages to the body to amplify your control over your body, thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

As this is practiced, it becomes second nature. The neural connections and synapses create these new paths where you are able to optimize your human experience “at the flick of a switch!”

This is neuroplasticity and is the foundation to creating the health & wellness you want & deserve!

BIOGENICS optimizes the brain state to create specific outcomes

BIOGENICS online course is so simple, easy and effective to implement as the MIND component of “Mind, Body, Spirit.” It is where we have our patients begin their journey. Even if you are far along the holistic health & wellness journey, BIOGENICS will give you the best tools we know for self regulation to optimize your everyday life.  

With BIOGENICS® You’ll Have The #1 Most Powerful Tool Known Anywhere In The World To:

BIOGENICS®: Mind. Body Spirit is relaxing & rejuvenating, so you can easily & positively impact every single aspect of your life with Meditation Mind Training in BIOGENICS®.
Backed by thousands of studies and over 36,000+ successful cases!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (Inside the Biogenics Online Course) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. 

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