C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

I have written before about essential First Aid items to have on hand, 05-18-2009.

This time I am writing about the increase in food prices—10 to 50% throughout the grocery store in the last year. I expect that to double in the next year, if we are lucky! I have lived on a farm for 42 years and we keep on hand enough food for our family for a year. A small closet will store the essentials listed below except for frozen goods. Obviously you need to use and replace regularly! Here are my suggestions for the inevitable bankruptcy of the U.S. Not whether, but when.

Store enough canned pink salmon for everyone in your family for at least a third of a can each, three times a week. It is undoubtedly the best and least expensive protein available. Keep using it and replenishing as long as it is reasonably priced

Have enough brown rice for at least two meals daily for everyone for a year. Must be stored in vacuum packed jars to avoid grain bugs! A home vacuum packer is inexpensive. You can vacuum pack oatmeal and even whole grain flour, etc. Good up to 10 years

Have enough dry or canned chick peas for everyone for at least a couple of meals a week. You can use other legumes but chick peas cause much less intestinal gas than any other legume. Lima beans and green peas are equally good. Canned goods, if kept in a relatively dry environment, are usually good for up to two years. Smuckers old fashioned peanut butter is anther good bet

Consider Whey Protein Isolate—each scoop is 20 grams of quality protein. You could live on one scoop daily with rice.

Canned or frozen veggies. Home canned jars last up to 6 or 7 years!
Plow up your yard and plant a garden! Less work than mowing grass!
Keep on hand enough essential vitamins and supplements for 6 months

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