Be Prepared for Survival

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


Almost daily I receive news from ET’s as well as self-proclaimed prophets that the world is going to blow apart within 2 weeks or two years. Despite the warnings about Armageddon, etc, the recent catastrophe in Japan reminds us that spontaneous emergencies do happen. Sometime ago I published Essential First Aid which you can find in the archived newsletters. Time for an update. My personal feelings:
1. I would not live within 50 miles of a coast or a nuclear reactor
2. I would not live in an area that is without adequate water
3. I would always keep in my house enough food for a month or more
4. Have good flashlights,candles and matches
5. Have good health habits every day
6. Be sure your temperature is 98.6 orally after you are up 3 hours
7. Review from the archives the two articles?on Iodine

8. In case of minor radiation contamination anywhere on the earth, take  two Iodorals for a couple of days and then go back to your usual.Most people should be on a minimum of one a week; some, on one daily

9. If a major radiation hazard occurs take 10 Iodoral. This provides
125 mg of iodine,?half potassium iodide. It is adequate to block destruction of the thyroid by radiation.

Above all, if it gets as bad as?some people pedict, it may be better to recycle.
Seriously, folks, panicking on the fear of the sky falling does no good!!



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