Listen NOW to Autogenics Training – Dr. Norm & Dr. Sergeys groundbreaking binaural beat meditation for training your brain to work with you and not against you!

For almost 40 years I have personally done autogenic training daily. It has, by far, the greatest scientific proof of efficacy of any self-regulation approach. Developed originally in 1912 by J. H. Schultz, by 1969, the first of 6 volumes were published, with 2600 scientific references. That is even before it became part of autogenic feedback training—later biofeedback! Athletes, students, and business people all improve through autogenic training.

Eighty percent of STRESS illnesses can be managed just with autogenic training!!

One of the best things about autogenic training is it is easy to learn the basics. The following instructions will help you build your ability with it over just 6 weeks and in less than 20 minutes a day.

Basic autogenic training protocol:

To begin each of your autogenic training sessions, you’ll want to assume a comfortable position – a reclining chair is ideal – and close your eyes.

Week 1:

As you breathe in, say slowly to yourself:

My arms and legs…”

As you breathe out:

…are heavy and warm.

Imagine the sun beaming down upon your arms and legs.

Do this for three minutes daily for one week.

Week 2:

Repeat the 3-minute exercise from week 1. Then add:

As you breathe in, say slowly to yourself:

“My heartbeat is…”

As you breathe out:

“…calm and regular.”

Continue for 3 minutes, while visualizing something calm and regular like the pendulum of a clock.

In total, this week’s autogenic training practice is 6 minutes long. Do this practice daily for a week.

Week 3:

Repeat the 6-minutes of exercises from week 2. Then add as you breathe in:

“My breathing is…”

As you breathe out:

“…free and easy”

While visualizing something free and easy, such as a bird gliding through the air without having to flap its wings.

Continue for 3 minutes during this third week.

The exercises for week 3 will take you a total of 9 minutes each day to complete.

Week 4:

Begin by doing the exercises from week 3. Then add as you breathe in:

“My abdomen…”

As you breathe out:

“…is warm.”

While visualizing the sun beaming down upon your abdomen.

Continue this exercise for 3 minutes.

During the week, each day repeat these 4 exercises which will take you only 12 minutes to complete.

Week 5:

Begin your practice by doing the exercises from week 4.  Then add, as you breathe in:

“My forehead…”

As you breathe out:

“…is cool.”

While visualizing being outside, warmly dressed, with a cool breeze blowing across your forehead. Continue this section for 3 minutes.

Each day during this fifth week, you will work with all 5 phrases for 3 minutes each.

Week 6:

As with the previous weeks, you will begin your practice by repeating the phrases from the previous week. Then add, as you breathe in:

“My mind…”

As you breathe out:

“…is quiet and still.”

While you visualize a pleasant, quiet, still scene. Continue 3 minutes.

You now have BASIC autogenic training—18 minutes a day!

Once you have this, you can begin more specific trainings.

You can add ORGAN SPECIFIC PHRASES, if you have a specific need. Always use only POSITIVE phrases and images!!

For habits, such as smoking, “I am free of smoking.” Or “My weight is (your ideal)” while visualizing yourself on scales in front of a mirror seeing you at your ideal weight, etc.

This practice retrains the brain, nervous system, and autonomic control system. Within six months of practice you may begin to have spontaneous spiritual imagery, leading to spontaneous meditation and contact with the Divine! If you need a little more guidance, you can check out the FULL Biogenics Online Training Course!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. 

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