C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Recently there have been several articles extolling the virtues of astaxanthin for skin care. I wrote about astaxanthin in March, 2011, concluding with:

“In summary, for those individuals with problems of metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, atherosclerosis and prostate cancer or elevated PSA, I think it is prudent to add astaxanthin as a safe and potentially great health enhancer.”

Recent articles have emphasized the benefits of astaxanthin in preventing skin aging and wrinkling and in preventing sunburn. I have not used sun blocker for decades. Instead I take 100,000 units of beta carotene, 4 of my Youth Formula (2 grams of vitamin C, one gram of MSM with 60 micrograms of molybdenum and 6 mg beta 1,3 glucan) The 24 mg of astaxanthin, which I added several years ago, replaced an additional 100,000 units of beta carotene, which I had taken with the C and beta carotene for over two decades to control allergies. I have to admit that this combo prevents sunburn—as long as you build up sensibly and gradually to long exposure. More importantly, it virtually eliminates nasal and upper respiratory allergies. And it gives a warm glow to the skin. I don’t mind the anti-wrinkling effect, either. And don’t forget all those items from my earlier conclusion! If I had to choose between supplements, my favorites would be Youth Formula, D 3, astaxanthin and Co-Q 10.



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