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Are you ready for health? I often receive great resistance to the common sense advice about health habits. Her is one of the gratifying positive responses:

I, too, have decided to give up sugar. This is my fourth week, I no longer have any craving for sweets, no chocolate (and I thought I’d never be able to give this up!), and have added bread and tortillas to my “do not eat list”. It has been four weeks, and I’ve lost seven pounds. I had read that removing sugar from one’s diet improves your complexion, and helps with aging-and yes it does. I also asked Archangel Rafael to remove any sugar crystals from my aura (thanks, Doreen Virtue). I cannot stop smiling. I was really ready.

One friend lost 75 pounds juts giving up wheat and gluten.

Are you ready for health?
Then give up wheat, gluten, junk food and SMILE!

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