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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

I have always considered acetaminophen, “the drug doctors prescribe most” or the “#1 drug doctors prescribe for pain relief” to be a great placebo scam when it comes to pain relief. It is also a major cause of liver failure and Acetaminophen is the most commonly reported drug overdose in the United States”. To some extent that is because it is so useless in pain relief!

Now the evidence is tremendously convincing that it is the NUMBER ONE CA– USE of autism, ADHD and asthma among other little gifts from the PharmacoMafia.

AcetaminophenUse Appears to be Major Cause of the Epidemics of Autism, AD(H)D, and AsthmaBy William Shaw, Ph.D., J of Restorative Medicine, Oct, 2013

For almost 3 decades physicians have unwittingly and unwisely recommended acetaminophen to be given after vaccine injections to prevent fever. I admit that acetaminophen does reduce fever. That is the end of its value! Liver failure, kidney failure, ADHD, autism and asthma are a very high price to pay for temporary reduction of fever with NO anti-inflammatory benefit!


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