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Join me and Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Sue Morter, Jim Oliver, Dr Baskaram Pillai, Wesley Burwell, Dr Alberto Villoldo, Jennifer Waters, and William Henry. Additionally we are adding practitioners who use Light Therapy in their Dental, Psychiatric, Naturopathic and Wellness practices. You will love these unique teachings on The Light combined with the special Syllabus that dives in deeper into the latest scientific research on the amazing properties of Light Therapy. This is a first and we are excited for you to join

Academy of Light Therapy

· Breakthrough Discoveries From NASA on Light Therapy
· Join Me with The Light Teachers on The Aware Show
· What Can Light Therapy Do For You? The Answer Will Amaze You!
· Teachings From William Henry, Joe Dispenza, Norm Shealy, Alberto Villoldo and many others on LIGHT!
Join my good friend Lisa Garr as she introduces me and over 12 other thought leaders and healers on the latest breakthroughs in Light Therapy. We are on the threshold of new discoveries to help our humanity, with discoveries from the Mayo Clinic to Dr Joe Dispenza. Breakthrough research from NASA to ancient teachings revealed by William Henry. Revelations from Shamans such as Dr Alberto Villoldo to living masters such as Dr Baskaram Pillai.

For A Free Gift And Special Interview on Light Therapy
Academy of Light Therapy

We are now discovering that we can harness the therapeutic properties of light to:

Reinforce Health * Reduce Pain * Optimize Performance * Accelerate Regeneration * Enhance Longevity * Sharpen Memory and Focus * Stabilize Emotional Conditions * Maintain Homeostasis * Improve Circulation * Stimulate Cellular Growth * Rejuvenate Skin * Boost Immunity
I was asked, as well as many others scientifically minded experts to participate in the Academy. We put light through a prism and reveal the spectrum of benefits it has to our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. How does each frequency affect and impact us? Is light therapy in your future? Listen to the Academy’s experts describe how they use light in their spiritual and therapeutic practices…

I believe this is the most important program you can ever be a part of, as we put this together just for you. This is the first time much of this information has ever been shared, all in one place. I guarantee our Free Gift and Special Interview will illuminate you to the possibilities light therapy brings to every aspect of your life and our entire humanity.

Join Us Now A Free Gift And

Special Interview on Light Therapy
Academy of Light Therapy

Please share with your friends and all that you love. Please post on your social and mail to your circle, as there is so much important information here it is vital that you let everyone you know about the importance of Light Therapy, as presented here at The Academy of Light by my good friend Lisa Garr.


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