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A THOUSAND SHARDS OF GLASS: There is Another America


Michael Katakis, Simon & Schuster, London & Australia, 2014

Many decades ago I asked my guide “How Many People are Conscious”

His answer “Six percent.” I was not asking some great philosophical question-just how many really THINK about meaning and purpose of life. This short, poignant book addresses this same question, without numbers but with the litany of the state of the United States today and over the past two centuries. The answer is appalling.

“-it’s the money.” In other words the vast American being is consumed with money, in medicine, in politics, in war, in education, in commerce, in virtually every aspect of life. Although Katakis focuses almost solely on Republicans, the Bushes, and the greedy corporations, I find the Democrats who have EQUALLY held power and corruption just as culpable. Interestingly, Al Quie, a most honorable Congressman from Minnesota for 22 years, quit in the early 80’s telling me “I give up. After 22 years I could not find enough honest people in Congress to continue!” In other words, Congress and every President have been pawns of the Committee of 300 at least 165 years. Yes, some such as Wilson contributed somewhat more fire to the insanity of the past 100 years, but there is not one who has acted consciously! Indeed, I question only one thing-are even 6% of Americas conscious?

If you are one of the conscious, I highly recommend this small gem.



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