A Question of Will
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D

For over 50 years I have tried to understand why people have so many problems. In my medical career, I have worked with over 40,000 patients. In the past 41 years, I have seen over 30,000 patients with pain and/or depression, often with over 49 symptoms and 5 or more illnesses. A minimum of 60+% of people with depression, hypertension, chronic pain, etc are significantly overweight. A minimum of over 90% of people with type 2 diabetes are very overweight. All have been under the care of many physicians before they see me. Many insist that they have never been told that

They could CURE their diabetes or hypertension just by losing weight

Their back pain would be at least partially helped by losing weight

Well over half of my patients smoke—above the reported national average. Many of the hypertensives are on up to 3 or more anti-hypertensives, but they still have hypertension! Many of those depressed are on one or more anti-depressant drugs and are still depressed!

A minimum of 40% are on anti-anxiety drugs –which eventually lead to depression—and they are sill anxious!

John Knowles wrote in the late 70’s that 99% of people are born healthy and become unhealthy because of human misbehavior!? As Professor Wilbanks pointed about 30 years ago, the Modern Obscenity is “I can’t help myself.” All of the problems discussed above are simply A Question of LACK of Will!

Like all emotional problems, from Autism to Schizophrenia, a lack of will is the result of poor self-esteem—which began well before age 7 and which is inevitably associated with inadequate oxytocin. Can we restore Will just by raising oxytocin? I am convinced that it is a great place to begin.

And, of course, the best and least expensive way to restore oxytocin is to use BLISS on the Ring of Air.

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