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Why You Should Immediately Consider Getting Off Prescription Drugs

Woman holding prescription drugs in one hand and water in the other.

Every day physicians prescribe pharmaceuticals with the intention of helping their patients heal. They do so because this is what they were taught in medical school – you treat patients with prescription drugs to cure their ailments or at least ease their symptoms. However, we don’t believe that pharmaceuticals are always the best answer to restore patients to health. In fact, we believe that getting off prescription drugs is often the healthiest thing someone can do.

Prescription drugs have side effects.

If you’ve ever received a prescription, you’ve probably had a consultation with a pharmacist or glanced at all the papers that are stapled to your prescription outlining the potential side effects of the medication.

If you’ve ever watched TV, chances are you’ve seen commercials for pharmaceuticals where the potential side effects are either listed on the screen or quickly read while the image on the screen is of a happy, carefree person enjoying their life.

We’re becoming immune to any mention of the risks of taking a medication. And this is very unfortunate – in fact, it could be life-threatening. So getting off long-term prescription drugs is certainly something to consider.

Adverse drug effects send about 4.5 million Americans to the doctor’s office or emergency room each year.

Adverse According to a study published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), adverse drug effects send about 1.5 million Americans to the emergency room each year. (NOTE: This doesn’t include those people who have adverse drug effects and go to their doctor’s office instead.) This number is more than those who seek treatment in the ER for common conditions like strep throat or pneumonia.

Work sponsored by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that serious drug reactions occur more than 2 million times each year among patients in hospitals and are the fourth leading cause of hospital deaths

But the fatal or serious reactions most often reported are only the tip of the iceberg, experts say.

Donald W. Light, a medical sociologist told AARP, “There are tens of millions of milder reactions, some of which are quite damaging to people even though they’re medically regarded as minor,” (He’s also the editor of The Risks of Prescription Drugsa book that reviews current evidence of medication problems.)

Milder symptoms such as drowsiness, sleeplessness, muscle aches, dizziness, nausea and bouts of depression may be more troubling than they are dangerous. Yet they directly impact the patient’s quality of life.

Given this information, we hope you’re now wondering if there is a better, safer and healthier way to heal. There is. Our holistic approach to health allows our patients to successfully get off prescription drugs.

In many acute illnesses prescription drugs may be essential to save your life. But in all chronic illnesses, prescription meds cause more harm than good.

Of course, you cannot just suddenly stop them. You need the guidance of a Holistic physician. Since 1971 we have treated over 36 thousand patients who have failed conventional medicine.

Here are some examples of the treatments we offer to help our patients get off prescription drugs.

Hypertensive drugs control hypertension only 45% of the time even taking up to three drugs! Severe fatigue is the most common side effect, accompanied by erectile dysfunction. Holistically we can wean you off safely nearly 100% of the time. We have proven that a combination of Autogenic Training, B complex and vitamin C plus taurine will safely normalize blood pressure.

If you are currently taking an anti-anxiety and/or an antidepressant drug, we have found that the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF® effectively treats both depression and anxiety. The Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF® is totally safe and is more effective than all the psychiatrists, psychologists and mood drugs in the world.

Are you taking prescriptions to reduce your cholesterol? Then you need to know that statin drugs have serious side effects. They cause progressive muscle pain and weakness and ultimately destroy your brain! Lecithin granules and Tri-Methyl Glycine safely lower your cholesterol and improve mind/brain function!

You may already know that antibiotics clobber your small intestine and immune system. Although they may be essential to resolve some infections, 95% of the time D-mannose is infinitely safer and more effective in urinary tract infections.

Even over-the-counter analgesics to reduce pain can be dangerous. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and NSAID’s can cause death from gastrointestinal bleeding or a serious chronic colon problem like lymphocytic or collagenous colitis. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF® are more effective and infinitely safer.

Again, it is vital that you understand you cannot simply stop taking prescription medications. You must be weaned from them under the care of a Holistic physician.

When we work with a patient on getting off prescription drugs, we carefully wean them and substitute safer Holistic methods. These methods include TENS, Cranial Electrical Stimulation, the Shealy RelaxMate II, the RejuvaMatrix®, Autogenic Training and Biogenics®, intravenous ozone and intravenous vitamin C, Nutritional counseling, Transcutaneous Acupuncture, spiritual healing, optimal nutrition, Sapphire Enhanced AdrenoMedular Scalar® and the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF®.

In the most severe situations, we recommend a one- or two-week intensive program, or 8 hours daily of Biogenics® with one or more of the other modalities. This can be done in our clinic in Springfield, MO or virtually with daily Skype or Zoom consultations. Of course, you can use the over 60 Biogenics® exercises. And all the accessory tools are available for home use, although we strongly advise consultation for proper and safe weaning from prescriptions.

There are many roads to Rome and there are scores of safer Holistic approaches to improve pain, depression, anxiety, hypertension, immune function, energy, health and longevity. It’s time to immediately consider getting off prescription drugs so you can be healthier.

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. Dr. Sergey Sorin is a holistic physician as well as the CEO and medical director of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. Both doctors recommend the Biogenics® System as part of your overall commitment to a healthy, stress-free life.


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