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What is a PEMF Machine?

an explanation of what a PEMF machine is

Explained in this article:

  • What is a PEMF Device?
  • How does a PEMF Machine Work?
  • Benefits of a PEMF Device
  • Are PEMF Devices safe to use?
  • Why is PEMF therapy not more widely used?

Table of Contents

Now, more than ever, it is time for us to focus on our health and wellbeing.  If you’re considering PEMF therapy to help ease your body from these stresses, you might wonder what part the PEMF machine plays and how it works.

What is PEMF therapy?

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. Another, less frequently used term is LFMS, or low field magnetic stimulation. Both terms refer to gentle magnetic energy waves that can palliate cellular dysfunction, reduce pain intensity, and promote faster tissue healing by improving cellular regeneration.

PEMF Therapy uses technology to create the pulsed electromagnetic field which is applied to your body. The pulsed electromagnetic field frequency stimulates the cells of your body to improve cellular function and support the transfer of nutrients into the cells and waste products out. 

The earth emits a constant pulsed electromagnetic field. PEMF Therapy was discovered by NASA to maintain the health & wellness of astronauts when they go to space. NASA observed that astronauts were lacking the Earth’s pulsed electromagnetic field and would come back from orbit weak, sick and take a long time to recover. Once PEMF Therapy was added to astronauts regimen during a space exploration, NASA saw the overall wellness of the astronauts improve dramatically.

How Does PEMF Therapy Work?

PEMF therapy works by emitting pulses of electromagnetic frequencies similar to the ones projected naturally by the Earth. The emitted electromagnetic frequency interacts with the cells of the human body to positively affect the cellular regeneration process. Different PEMF machines emit different frequencies based on how the manufacturer calibrates the control of the pulsed electromagnetic field. 

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy uses low-level electromagnetic pulses to reinforce the natural magnetic field in all cells of your body. The PEMF stimulates the cell to allow nutrients to properly flow into the cell and waste to be properly expelled from the cell. This allows the cells to function more optimally than without the PEMF stimulation.

How a PEMF machine positively affects human cells

For example, in the case of a bone fracture, PEMF therapy exposes the bone-forming cells to a mild pulsed electromagnetic field and forms an electrical field overlapping the cell membrane. This boost in the cell’s electromagnetic charge helps activate several biochemical pathways, like enhanced cell proliferation, regeneration and cell maturity, which stimulate bone growth.

The various PEMF devices on the market are typically designed to target the affected area, such as a fracture or inflammation site, in a localized way. A PEMF therapy session is painless and involves no discomfort for the patient. Essentially, the patient rests on the treatment bed, and the PEMF machine does the work. Most patients report feeling relaxed during the treatment and energized after PEMF treatment.

The Shealy-Sorin PEMF device has been specifically created with ease of use in mind for the patient. It is portable and small enough to take practically anywhere with you. I bring mine in my briefcase to the office daily. Our 8 inch coil also makes it easy to target your exact area of need. Don’t worry that it is not a “mat” type as our unit emits enough pulsed electromagnetic field that it will cover your whole body and even some to the person sitting next to you if there is one! With this PEMF Machine, you get whole-body PEMF Therapy.

What is a PEMF Device?

A PEMF therapy device is a wellness device which emits electromagnetic energy at different frequencies to enhance the body’s natural recovery processes. It works at the cellular level by increasing the physical function of the cells so they can properly uptake nutrients and expel wastes. This results in improvement of cellular dysfunction which enhances the body’s natural recovery process. 

The PEMF Device uses electricity to generate low intensity waves of electromagnetic energy which can be applied to the full body. These pulsed electromagnetic fields are applied directly to the human body through a coil or mat. 

Peer reviewed studies have shown PEMF Devices to be safe and effective for healing and regeneration throughout your full body. Many wellness professionals are now recommending PEMF as a natural solution & treatment to reduce inflammation, for pain management, musculoskeletal pain, heart conditions, mental health conditions, deterioration disease such as osteoporosis bone loss, painful joints and a wide array of other medical conditions & health challenges. 

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What does a PEMF machine do?

PEMF therapy devices emit electromagnetic energy. When the body is introduced to pulsed electromagnetic fields, it stimulates the cells and allows ions to move through the cell more freely. Low energy cells positively charged with ions become rejuvenated and begin healing. This assists to resolve cellular dysfunction and promote the body’s natural recovery process. 

A PEMF device does two things. First, the machine uses electricity to generate low-frequency waves of electromagnetic energy, then delivers the pulses of energy to your body. The magnetic energy from the device is sent into your body through coils placed on targeted areas. PEMF machines are non-invasive and have been shown in thousands of studies & clinical trials to help the body naturally heal itself.

How do PEMF machines work?

Think back to grade school when the teacher would bring out the magnets. Remember how some of the magnets would repel away from each other? That reaction is because they produced a magnetic field.

Magnetic fields moving through a coil generate an electric field, and this drives a current into the coil. When the magnetic field is generated by an electric current, it’s then considered an electromagnetic field.

Human cells use ions to create electricity and enable the flow of electric signals through our bodies. Since our bodies are made up of cells that create our own natural electric and electromagnetic fields, it makes sense that being around magnetic fields would affect all of our cells. Being around the right frequency electromagnetic fields can cause improved cellular communication & cellular reproduction. This frequency is measured in hertz or Hz. PEMF devices utilize properly researched frequencies in proper hertz ranges to produce desired positive effects for the human body. Anything under 1000 Hertz is considered low electromagnetic field. The therapeutic frequency for PEMF machines we have found most effective for overall wellness in our own clinic is cycling between 5.83 hertz through 56.6 hertz. 

What are the benefits of PEMF machines?

PEMF works with your body’s natural recovery system. The core benefit you can expect to receive from PEMF machine use is improved cellular function & regeneration. The pulsed electromagnetic field helps to allow nutrients to properly flow into the cell & waste to be properly expelled from the cell. The cells can detoxify easier & stay nourished. This results in an overall boost in cellular health. The therapeutic benefits of PEMF therapy can be seen directly in pain reduction, reduced inflammation, better blood circulation, improved immune system function, more energy and enhancing your body’s natural recovery process. You can find all the benefits at the link above!  

listed benefits of PEMF devices

PEMF strengthens the Immune System.

Today a lot of people worry about the strength of their immune system, and rightfully so. PEMF therapy helps support the immune system so it can fight infections better. The immune system is made up of trillions of cells. With optimized cellular health promoted by the PEMF machine the result is a better functioning immune system.

PEMF increases blood circulation.

Another problem that plagues the population is poor circulation. Poor circulation is often a direct result from sitting all day long at work, not getting enough exercise daily (minimum recommendation 30 minutes, 5 times per week), and the fact that nearly 92% of all Americans do not get key nutrients needed. The frequency emitted through the body by the PEMF machine charges your red blood cells, which increases blood circulation.

PEMF can reduce stress.

Using therapy to help repair the damaged cells can lead to less stress on the body, too. Less stress can allow your brain to function with more clarity and improved focus. PEMF Therapy has also been connected to better sleep which we have 1st hand experience with at our own holistic health & wellness clinic.

When your cells have the energy needed to operate as they should, they work to help heal your body quicker when you’re injured or if you’re recovering from a workout.

These are just a few of the many ways PEMF therapy can help your body get back to its full potential and help keep it at its full potential. It’s similar to the trickle-down effect. When you can enhance one part of the body, improvement in other areas usually follows.

What are the differences between PEMF machines available?

There are many different devices based on what type of treatment you are needing. Some of the things you’ll want to think about when looking at devices are:

  • Has the maker of the PEMF machine performed clinical studies on the specific unit? (We have on ours)
  • What do you need it for? They make some devices to treat the entire body, while others are made to treat specific injuries.
  • Does it have the proper pulse strength? Lower power level pulses may require multiple treatments before seeing results.
  • Is the device portable? Some of the larger devices are very tough to move and also very delicate. Some PEMF devices may also require the help of someone to set up.  (Ours is very portable)


There are also different-sized devices. Depending on what area you are needing treatment, this could be a factor to consider as well.

Another very important factor to consider is what frequency measured in hertz, does the the unit emit. We have found that our lower frequency PEMF device between 1 Hz & 100 Hz is the best all around as you you get the incredible benefits of therapy & you can use it 24/7. Many devices will have a set time limit for therapy, while others can have unlimited exposure to the therapy, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We feel very strongly about the fact that prolonged contact is the better option, rather than a unite that only recommends a 10 minute or 30 minute treatment window. The reason behind our findings is that the prolonged contact during the PEMF therapy  allows the cells to function at optimal levels for longer periods of time. Thus, more repair happens. 

Our recommendation is to consider a device you can use constantly rather than short sessions. 

What Are the Frequencies of PEMF Machine?

Electromagnetic field frequency uses the Hertz (Hz) units to measure cycles per second. Usually, PEMF systems use long wavelengths and low frequencies, with a typical range of 1 Hz to 1,000 Hz and very rarely higher. Magnetic fields with frequencies below 3,000 Hz count as ELF (extremely low frequency).

Our specific PEMF therapy has 3 different settings. The Shealy-Sorin Sweep at 5.83Hz through 56.6Hz, The Gamma Sweep at 38 through 54Hz for increased cognitive activity, and the Delta Sweep at 1 to 3Hz for sleep and relaxation, a wavelength that mimics that of when your brain is in deep REM sleep.

Are PEMF machines safe?

At Shealy-Sorin Wellness we will never recommend a therapy that is not safe & effective, that does not have clinical studies to back it up and a therapy that we use ourselves & with our own friends and family! PEMF Therapy with proper PEMF machines is incredibly safe, incredibly effective and fully recommended by our team here at Shealy-Sorin Wellness.

You may have heard that magnetic fields aren’t good for your body. That is not the case with PEMF devices.

The frequency levels are set at safe and natural levels to heal the body rather than cause damage. The strength of these machines is comparable to the same electromagnetic field of the earth, which is what our bodies are used to. The FDA has approved this type of therapy as well.

There are more than 7,000 studies & clinical trials reporting the extreme effectiveness of PEMF therapy for a wide range of uses to improve your lifestyle.

It’s recommended that people with pacemakers or those who are pregnant avoid using them.

How soon can you feel the difference with a PEMF Machine?

Everyone’s body is different. Some people might feel the effects right away, while others can take longer. There are a few factors that determine how quickly you will see results.

If you use the PEMF device as soon as you have a complication or injury, or if you create a regular schedule for use, you will more than likely see results rather quickly. But if the machine doesn’t have a strong pulse or frequency, it could take longer.

On the other hand, even with the best machine available for your specific needs, a long-term injury or issue might require multiple treatments before you feel the benefits of it. That is why we recommend the use of a PEMF machine that is recommended for longer use periods rather than short use periods. 

Patience is always required when you choose to go a natural route for healing

There are more than 7,000 studies & clinical trials reporting the extreme effectiveness of PEMF therapy for a wide range of uses to improve your lifestyle. The best part is that it is considered an all natural, safe, effective and holistic solution. 

It’s recommended that people with pacemakers or those who are pregnant avoid using them.

We have personally witnessed incredible stories in our own clinic here at Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. When patients add PEMF therapy with only the best PEMF machine available, their results with holistic healthcare options increase. 

Why are PEMF machines not more mainstream?

Does it seem unusual that PEMF machines are not more prevalent in America?

This would be correct thinking. The reason is simply because it is not included as a charging category in Medicare accounting. It is an incredible solution and not a simple band-aid fix. PEMF therapy is surrounded by more than 7,000 studies and clinical trials, including those from NASA and those performed right here at the original holistic health clinic the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, that have demonstrated the advantages of PEMFs with studies ranging from arthritis, cell regeneration, improved circulation, skin & wound healing, pain elimination and too much more to list.

Dr.Shealy speaks quite openly about the fact that most doctors will tell you that wound healing and limb salvage is already demonstrated by PEMF, either because they do not know about it or because they can not bill the insurance for administering PEMF therapy with a PEMF Device.

So, it reflects again that in North America we have a “business system” instead of a true best patient care system.

Another reason is until recently, many machines had an exuberant cost associated with owning them, some PEMF machines costing tens of thousands of dollars.

We have tried to make our Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF Machine as cost effective as possible and we will continue to try to get the word out that holistic health care is the solution to health.

That about wraps up our explanation on What is a PEMF Machine. 

The bottom line: PEMF Therapy is an incredibly beneficial therapy, we recommend to folks who ARE healthy and folks who are looking to gain health. Check out the vide explanation below on What is a PEMF machine!

Watch this video explanation of a PEMF device

Interested to add a PEMF Device to your wellness routine?
Check out our incredible Shealy-Sorin Wellness PEMF Device


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