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What Does “Mind Body and Spirit” Actually Mean?

Mind Body Spirit Blog

The Importance of Healing Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

You may have heard people talk about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. These three elements are what make you a living, conscious being. When they are out of sync or unbalanced, life is more difficult than it must be. Getting healthier and enjoying life more can be accomplished by focusing on your whole being. Your mind. Your body. Your Spirit.

You are more than just your body, which gets the most attention. Many physical and mental diseases, pains, and discomforts start deeply inward and work its way outward. The body generally feels the effects last.

You have likely noticed that when something is troubling you mentally or emotionally that you manifest symptoms physically. Your heart races, you may sweat more than usual, you have a hard time sleeping because your mind keeps focusing on the problem. Maybe you begin to feel lethargic and fatigued. This is an example of when the mind-body-spirit is out of balance.

Those are some of the more obvious signs you might notice when your whole being isn’t properly balanced. Extremely high stress levels that cause your body to produce toxins that lead to diseases – that one isn’t so obvious.

If you are on a path to becoming the healthiest version of yourself, you need to understand the importance of treating yourself as a whole being. Only then will you be able to give yourself the best chance you have to fully heal naturally.

The mind, body, and spirit are what make you whole. The health of one determines how well the other pieces are able to function. When one is out of alignment, everything is out of alignment.

As you begin your journey to a more holistic approach to your wellbeing, you will learn how important the connection between the mind, body, and spirit is to your overall health and happiness.

The order in which you work on these parts of yourself makes a difference as well. Most people say mind, body, spirit, but we feel strongly that spirit should come first. As you work on the deepest part of yourself, the results will spread through the rest.

They are all connected.

Mind Body and Spirit are all connected

It is not impossible but it is very hard to have a healthy mind, body or spirit without the other 2. The defintiion for Holism, or the root of holistic healthcare: the treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

what is mind body and spirit


Spirit is at the center of who you are. Your consciousness. 

Your true wants, needs, desires, and beliefs are all influenced by your spirit. It is your connection to the divine. The higher version of yourself that is beyond your mind and your body.

Your spirit will always influence your mind’s first impression. An example is that you work hard because you desire the outcome. That outcome can be a financial gain or moving up the ladder in your industry. Either way, you are taking action to fulfill something that satisfies your spirit.

For that reason, your spiritual health is vital because everything trickles down from there.

At Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute, we understand that sometimes the root of an illness is deeper than physical or mental. We understand the involvement of spirit when it comes to holistic healing.

We also undertsand and have devloped ways to enahnce your connection with your own spirit! We have proven ways to heal & mend your spriritual connection. Such as they brain training we explain in depth in out Biogenics Online Course! 

An imbalance at your core will cause an imbalance in other areas of your life that can manifest into illnesses that affect the mind and perpetuate into physical illnesses that affect the body.

When you nurture your spirit, it’s able to properly guide the mind & body. 

Starting with the spirit is essential to holism.


The mind takes action.

Your mind is made of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
Wellness of the mind is important because it is the driving force behind every action you take and reaction you give. Did you know that the adverage adult makes more than 35,000 decisions every single day? 35,000+ opportunities every day. This is why making sure you mind is health & well is a core part of holism. Without a proper mind element you will be lost. 

Mind is not above spirit, but an imbalanced mind can override the spirit.
Just like your spirit being out of sync can cause issues across the board, so can an imbalance in the mind.

Here’s an analogy:

Imagine a map, a driver, and a car. The map represents your spirit. It’s the clear direction of where you want to go. The driver represents the mind. It has the map and it’s in control of the car which represents the body.

Even with a map, if the driver is impaired, they could misread it or lose it. Ever made a wrong turn because you weren’t watching the signs (or paying attention to the GPS in modern times)?
When the driver is driving recklessly, the car can get damaged. A broken or damaged car doesn’t drive as smoothly. It becomes harder to reach the destination on the map.

If the driver gives up on hopes of reaching the destination altogether, the map and the car can’t serve their purpose without the driver.

When you fine-tune your mind, it is able to execute the actions necessary to achieve the desires of your spirit. You can clearly focus on what your body needs and provide what it takes to operate at its full capabilities. A healthy mind can produce the chemicals your body needs to become and remain balanced.


Although the body is last on the list, it isn’t because it’s of least importance. It’s last because when the spirit and the mind are taken care of, the health of your body will usually follow suit.

We have found clinical evidence with our own patients that your body is at the mercy of your mind’s thoughts and your spirit’s beliefs. Your body needs your spirit and mind to be aligned so it can be healthy. You can not achieve true holism without all 3. 

Spirit provides your desire to be well. The mind takes action, either through better self-care or an appointment with someone who can help. The mind also make the decisions to create the health body. The body reaps the benefits.

If you are in a mental space where your health isn’t a top priority or desire, your mind won’t act, and your body will face the repercussions. This can range from diseases caused by unhealthy eating decisions or chemical imbalances from stress as mentioned earlier in the post.

To feel whole, you need to focus on your complete self.

As you can see, these three elements are deeply entwined with each other.

Spirit guides the actions of the mind, and the actions of the mind are performed through the body. The health of one relies on the other.

When it comes to treating an illness, mind, body, and spirit should all be considered. A physical or mental illness can be the direct result of either one being imbalanced.

Imagine how well you would be if knowing what your spirit desires could ease your mind and keep your body from facing the consequences.

Once you find the underlying cause of whatever issues you might suffer from, you can begin your healing journey. This is how it’s possible to heal from disease and prevent new ones from forming when you take a holistic approach to your treatment.

How to begin your own Mind, Body and Spirit Journey


Our top suggestion for every single patient we have ever worked with is Biogenics Brain Training. It is relaxing, it is soothing, it becomes your most unjoyable part of the day! 

In over 50+ years of holistic health excellence, we have not met one single patient who is already perfect at dealing with stress through self-regulation – not ONE! 

We focus so heavy on stress managment techniques, self regulation and training your brain to work FOR YOU and not against you because we have continually found this to be the foundation for wellness as well as the root-cause of nearly all disease & illness. 

We have experienced faster healing times in patients who have less stress. 

We have experienced the inability to heal in patients who do NOT work on their self-regulation techniques and allow themselves to be constanlty punished by chronic stress, every minutes of every day. Angry all the time and not enjoying life. 

To put it simple: We know for a clinical fact that our stress management techniques we provide in Biogenics Brain Training work when you actually use them! 

The best part? 

You can jump into the training and begin right away!

Lets say you are thinking “Well, I am not one to watch hours of videos.” 

No problem. 

The videos are broken down into easy to digest bite size pieces. 

Further than that, we are going to tell you the EXACT module to go to in case you ant to start immediately upon purchase. 

Module 2.1 

Once you login to the online course, head right for module 2.1 and you can experience our #1 stress managment tool in the world, “Autogenic Training“!


In “Life Beyond 100: Holisti Anti-Aging” online course we break down all of our favorite natural health modalities we recommend to our private patients to enhance DNA replication, extend telomere length and live younger, longer. 

Youthful Longevity, as Dr. Norm has coined it! 

If you want to just get right to it and put your body in the absolute best position to heal & create wellness then you should highly consider chekcing out our Shealy-Sorin PEMF Device!


In “Expanding Your Personal Intuition” online course we give you our personally proven methods we have used for years to enhance our own spiritual connections, improve our connection to the divine and become one with our energy centers. 

Now rememeber, we can give you all of the science, we can tell you te exact methods of what to do to heal, we can walk you through… 


We can’t do it for you! 

It is up to YOU to make the choice to live your best life each and every day from this moment forward focusing on a holistic appraoch through Mind, Body and Spirit. 

It is up to YOU to make the initiative to learn the self regulation techniques. 

It is up to YOU to take the recommened supplements daily and use your PEMF device. 

I invite you to take a pledge to commit yo YOUR Health & wellness! 

The final words we will levae you with as it is becoming a moto we live by: 

Choose Your Hard!

Being sick is HARD. BeingHealthy is HARD. 

Choose Your Hard! 

I invite you to take a pledge to commit yo YOUR Health & wellness! 



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