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Why Holistic Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Gets Better Results


If you’re struggling with chronic pain, you’ve probably explored several options for dealing with it. You’re probably also aware that physical therapy can be an effective way to relieve it. However, holistic physical therapy for chronic pain takes things to the next level because it provides long-term relieve. reduces the need for medication, provides emotional support, and improves your overall health.

There are profound benefits in pursuing holistic physical therapy for chronic pain. And there are various techniques and procedures that fall into this type of therapy. My goal is to show you how the holistic approach is preventive, positive, and kind to the body, mind, and spirit in addition to being phenomenal at, in most cases, eliminating chronic pain. 

So, let’s start off with the definition of holistic physical therapy.

What Does Holistic Physical Therapy Really Mean?

Holistic physical therapy considers the body as a whole. When it comes to treating chronic pain, holistic physical therapy isn’t just about the symptoms and pain in specific areas a patient may be experiencing, it’s about identifying the root cause of the problem and helping the body heal itself.

The musculoskeletal system doesn’t work in parts. If you are dealing with a specific injury you make sure the entire body is in perfect balance. For instance, if you have a spasm in your right calf, you may need to work with your thigh, your left calf, your right shoulder, and your left shoulder. 

You may need to work in different places of your body because when you stand up, gravity changes everything. Every day, our body adapts to our environment. That can mean that your body will compensate for an injury. If you have an injury in a specific area, your body will probably adapt and change to compensate for the injury. The problem is the adaptation may not always be in a positive way. 

5 Ways to Address Chronic Pain from a Holistic Physical Therapy Perspective

  1. Structure

    Structure is all about alignment. So, one of the first questions to ask is “Is the patient in segmental alignment with their spine, their pelvis, and their cranial bones?”

    With chronic pain, it is fairly common for there to be structural misalignment. And that is something to be addressed. 

  1. Support

    Support is about muscle and fascia. Fascia creates this dynamic stability and it also helps maintain the muscle structure. If the muscle is too tight, the fascia is too tight, leading to the nerve being restricted. And a restricted nerve can result in chronic pain.

    The pain can be relieved by getting the muscle and fascia to relax.

  1. Craniosacral System

    The craniosacral system consists of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. And it has to be activated because we breathe 20,000 times a day. 

  1. Interference

    An interference in the body can be something visceral. Most often it’s something emotional. It could be a fixed idea, it could be a secondary gain, but it’s something that’s stopping the body, the body’s process to heal or to move forward. The result is pain.

  1. Strengthening

    As mentioned before, holistic therapy goes beyond strengthening the area that hurts, you have to strengthen your body in general.

Techniques Used in Holistic Physical Therapy to Reduce Chronic Pain

Every person and each body is different, which makes it difficult to establish a pattern that will work with the same effectiveness for everyone. However, there are a few techniques that have a positive effect on the body in general, and most importantly are not hard to follow at all!

  • Mind-Body Therapies

    These therapies focus on taking your mind-body connection to the next level. They include meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.

  • Manual Therapy

    Manual therapy helps improve joint range and reduce muscle tension. It involves hands-on techniques such as massages and joint mobilization.

  • Acupuncture

    This technique is known for inserting thin needles into specific points on the body to stimulate nerve endings, but with our Essential Bliss Oils, you can pretty much say goodbye to those needles.

  • Exercise Therapy

    Exercising is crucial for the well-being of the body. A personalized exercise program can help increase flexibility, strength, and endurance while addressing chronic pain.

  • Nutrition

    Good nutrition is crucial for overall health. Finding a diet that includes anti-inflammatory foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

  • Stress Management

    Techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and visualization can help reduce stress and promote relaxation, which can help alleviate chronic pain.

Did You Know Energy Medicine Led to MRI and Bone Stimulator Practices Used in Western Medicine? Click Here to Learn More

Is Holistic Physical Therapy More Efficient Than Western Medicine?

What commonly happens in modern medicine is that it only tries to manage symptoms, and even though it may bring temporary relief, the symptoms often return if the treatment does not continue. 

On the other hand, the holistic approach considers the whole person, including physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Also, it focuses on nutrition, sleep, relaxation, and other factors that affect physical therapy and your lifestyle in general.

Here Are Some Characteristics that Distinguish Holistic Physical Therapy from Traditional Physical Therapy

Holistic Physical Therapy: 

  • Addresses the root cause of your issue
  • Works with the foundations of health
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Helps the body heal itself

Traditional Physical Therapy:

  • Focuses on treating the symptom
  • Treats the parts of the body in isolation
  • Has a limited scope
  • Focuses on specific functional goals

Want to Optimize The Effectiveness of Your Physical Therapy and Accelerate Relief from Chronic Pain?

The Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF Device is a great tool to optimize your rehabilitation. The PEMF device brings stimulation to the cells in whatever way you may need, with the multiple frequency ranges the device offers, you will find the right one for you in no time!

Of course, the PEMF Device does not do magic, it needs to be combined with great holistic physical therapy, good nutrition, and most importantly a great mindset. Your mind is more powerful than you may think. Click HERE to learn more about the amazing uses of the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF Device.

Holistic physical therapy is a very effective approach to managing chronic pain. It offers a lot more than any traditional method you can find out there. If you are looking for therapy that addresses the body as a whole, rather than just the symptoms you NEED to give holistic physical therapy a chance.


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