Kyani Comprehensive Overview-Due Diligence with Dan Swindell




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“Comprehensive Overview-Due Diligence”

Tuesday, July 26th at 6:00 PM PST

As you know I consider Kyani the world’s BEST Health supplements as well as the Best income producer !

Norm Shealy

Want to see a thorough explanation of the key elements of Kyani?

History, Founders, Scientists, Products, Compensation Plan and Marketing System.

Then register for a very special 1 hour training and learn powerful details about Kyani that will empower you and your presentations!.

To register, click the below link and enter your information:
Webinar Registration

Once registered, you will receive an email link to get into next Tuesday’s training and each Tuesday’s webinar every week.

If you are not getting the results you desire, please join me in taking control of your future.

OFFER: I want to do as many private one on one strategy sessions and 3-way calls as possible this month to help distributors reach their goals.

Regardless of whether you are brand new and haven’t sponsored a person yet, or are enjoying the life of a Jade, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald, please reach out to me and ask to set a private call to do a high impact strategy session.

Please DO NOT just call but instead text or email me. Lets be aggressive, but also aware of each others needs to control our time and and work flow.

2016 is already amazing – are you getting what you desire?

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or want clarification.

Dan SwinDell
(509) 670-2855 cell-text
PS: Please forward this email to all your downline and ask them to check their inboxes and if they don’t see this email, have them check their spam. I updated my bulk mail program today so my list is complete as of this morning but many will need to update their email’s acceptance of this email address so that in the future it won’t go to their spam boxes.
sHEALyWellness | | [email protected] | 5607 S. 222nd Rd.
Fair Grove, MO 65648

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