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How To Alleviate Anxiety Without Drugs

This class of yogis has discovered how to alleviate anxiety.

Anxiety is a reaction to stress or fear of any kind—death, invalidism, abandonment, poverty, loss of love, or loss of faith in God. Always ask the question: Can I fix it or change it? Do I have the strength or ability to change it? – If so, go for change! If not, nothing to do except accept and detach. 

A twice-daily practice of Autogenic training is more effective than all the world’s psychologists and psychiatrists combined! Twenty-seven thousand articles show 80% success in alleviating anxiety —detach! And of course, there are 60 Biogenics exercises which add a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exercises to balance body mind and soul 

Nutritionally, adequate vitamin B complex, tryptophan and lithium orotate, and antioxidants are essential. The next best assistant for alleviating anxiety is taurine (3000 to 4000 mg daily). 

All mood drugs are addicting and never cure anxiety or depression. Interestingly 75% of the negative studies on these useless drugs are forbidden by the PharmacoMafia from being published! 

Lithium orotate 15 to 20 mg daily and 50 mg of B complex are essential for alleviating anxiety. For more intense situations, valerian root is far superior to any drug. 

And of course, you can also alleviate anxiety with your dietary choices. Eighty percent of your food should be vegetables and fruits and 20% should be meat, eggs, and dairy. Wheat is toxic because of glyphosate! Avoid anything in aluminum cans. 

If you have any silver fillings, find a sane holistic dentist to remove them. They are fifty to sixty percent mercury! POISON. 

Finally, avoid fluoridated water! It is ultimately one of the most toxic elements in the world. 

The dental industry is as evil as the tobacco industry using mercury and pushing fluoride which has NO health benefit and universally is on the verge of causing total infertility! Sperm count since fluoridation has decreased from 150 million to 40 million. Men become infertile at 20 million!

Interestingly, 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise is far superior to Valium or any anti-anxiety drug when it comes to alleviating anxiety! Using a Vibe machine, a trampoline, going on a brisk walk or doing yoga for 30 minutes every day can help more than all the drugs and psychotherapists in the world.

Another tool you might consider for relieving your anxiety is the Shealy RelaxMate. It has flashing blue frequencies between 1 and 7 cycles per second which produces deep relaxation in at least 90% of people. 

The Liss Cranial Stimulator, now called Fisher Wallace, used one hour in the morning raises serotonin, the bright-eyed wake-up hormone, and beta-endorphin, the natural narcotic. These safe electrical devices are many more times effective than drugs or psychotherapy for alleviating anxiety. 

Another option for reducing your anxiety is to use the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency device, an hour or more daily. The only contraindication is an implanted pacemaker or electronic device. 

This is the only PEMF device that puts the brain into gamma, the in-the-zone state of detached joy, a state achieved by long practicing meditators. It resets the normal neutral electrical state of each cell, improves circulation, and reduces pain 

If these simple tools don’t alleviate your anxiety, consider Past Life Therapy. Often unfinished anger, guilt, depression, or anxiety from the past leaves a gnawing anxiety. It can be from childhood or from a previous incarnation. 

(Remember that reincarnation was part of Christianity until 325, when it was removed from the Bible because they did not want people to think they had a second chance. Read REINCARNATION IN CHRISTIANITY BY Geddes McGregor!)

There are also dozens of breathing techniques for reducing anxiety. The simplest is just breathing in and out slowly, 5 to 6 seconds in and 5 to 6 seconds out. Doing this just a few minutes most often reduces blood pressure to normal and quickly relieves anxiety

For those who do not or cannot overcome anxiety with the tools above, consider a one- or two-week intensive therapy program at Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute. Forty or 80 hours of comprehensive, holistic therapy can help the most serious chronic physical, emotional, spiritual problems. It is far better than a year of hour sessions of weekly psychotherapy!

When it comes to alleviating anxiety, you will want to reduce stress which includes physical, mental, emotional, and chemical stress! You will also want to avoid sugar, wheat, fluoride, and all artificial foods Drink not more than two cups of coffee daily. Do Autogenic Training. Exercise at least 30 minutes 5 to 7 days each week. Sleep at least 7 or 8 hours every night. DETACH from those things you cannot change! Be at peace.


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