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Holistic Healthcare VS Conventional Medicine

Holistic Healthcare VS Conventional Medicine

Table of Contents

Here is a scenario with conventional medicine we see all too often.

You go to your regular medical doctor for a yearly physical; they see something that isn’t quite right, then they refer you to another doctor.

And if that doctor can’t find the issue, they might give you another referral.

Depending on your health conditions, you might have 3 or 4 different doctors you see regularly.

Nobody seems to be able to get to the root-cause of symptoms or illness.

That’s how conventional medicine works and it has left many patients looking into alternative medical systems to better suit them.

As more people take their health into their own hands, almost 40% of Americans are now turning to natural holistic medicine, such as naturopathic medicine. We like to use the term “Holistic Healthcare.”

Sometimes it can feel like conventional medicine is “holding you back” from your true health & wellness potential.

In this article, we’ll discuss holistic medicine vs. conventional medicine. We’ll also discuss the benefits of using holistic treatments to manage and prevent health problems.

What is holistic medicine?

Your wellbeing is not only determined by your physical health. There are many facets that make you a whole human being, and there should be a proper balance between each one.

Holistic practices help bridge the gap between spirit, mind and body health. They take into account all three and look to address health at the root cause instead of slapping a bandaid onto symptoms with more prescriptions.

A holistic practitioner encourages you to care for your entire being with a whole body approach as opposed to the physical-focused conventional treatments.

Caring for yourself as a whole person means taking care of your physical self, emotional needs, mental health, spiritual side, and social needs. These are the five dimensions holistic healthcare focuses on to help you reach your full potential.

A holistic doctor can help you determine the right alternative medicine by discussing your current health battles and aspects of your life, such as relationship troubles or other mental stressors.

Holistic healthcare treatment may include:

  • Combining holistic and conventional medicine based on what’s needed
  • Making dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Ayurvedic medicine (one of the oldest holistic healing systems)
  • Biofeedback training & stress reduction
  • Acupuncture or transcutaneous acupuncture with Bliss Oils
  • Psychotherapy
  • Chiropractic medicine
  • Herbal medicine
  • Massage therapy
  • Energy healing
  • And other natural remedies

How does holistic medicine differ from conventional medicine?

A key difference between a holistic doctor and typical conventional medical doctors is how they treat illnesses and diseases.

Holistic healthcare helps you be proactive with your health rather than reactive.

While holistic medicine gets to the root cause of issues to help stop diseases and prevent them in the future, conventional medicine reacts to the problem and soothes the symptoms (typically with prescription drugs.)

Medical doctors also use the most statistically likely diagnosis to generalize medical care that works well across a large group of people.

Once you are diagnosed with something, there is a general protocol that is followed, regardless of why you specifically could be suffering from certain issues or chronic illnesses.

Example: If you’re diagnosed with hypertension, conventional doctors will prescribe you prescription drugs to regulate symptoms stemming from the problem, without understanding why the problem is there to begin with.

They typically advise some common treatment methods, such as you changing your diet and exercising more. You’ll receive suggestions on ways to change your lifestyle habits, but usually nothing unique to you and your specific needs.

Each person’s life is different, so the cause of high blood pressure for one person could be different for someone else.

Rather than using a one size fits all approach, holistic healthcare seeks to find a more effective treatment plan.

A holistic doctor treats every individual for their specific health conditions and issues.

They work with you to figure out what’s off balance in your body that’s causing health problems and guide you through the healing process.

Sticking with the hypertension example above, eating better and exercising are great ways to regulate it, but what if stress is the primary cause?

Along with the medical treatments needed, a holistic doctor might include complementary treatments such as seeing a massage therapist or chiropractic care in your personal treatment plan.

In holistic practices, patient education is vital. Alternative practitioners want you to better understand your own body, allowing you to make the best decisions when it comes to your health.

Benefits of holistic healthcare treatments

Holistic doctors provide safe and natural alternatives to conventional western medicine. It provides you with well-rounded care that serves you as a whole person and not just the physical aspect.

Some benefits others have noticed from holistic medicine are…

  • Reduced stress
  • Better management of diseases and illnesses
  • Better treatment and prevention
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • More fulfilling life than conventional treatment


Some holistic practitioners use integrative medicine, combining conventional medicine and complementary medicine, while trying to prevent over prescribing prescriptions and performing invasive procedures.

Complementary and alternative practices work in harmony together to give you the best overall treatment for whatever you are dealing with.

The goal of holistic healthcare approach  is to create a healthy body inside and out by utilizing the best from natural medicine and conventional medicine when needed. A “holistic” approach incorporating the Spirit, Mind & Body collectively to address the health blocks to create wellness.

Holistic Healthcare Is Our Recommended Choice

Here at Shealy-Sorin Wellness, we recommend a Holistic Healthcare approach to ALL people. There is not a SINGLE time where we do not recommend for a patient to implement Holistic Healthcare practices. 

The human body requires more than just physical care. If you are looking for a way to reach your full potential, a holistic healthcare approach may be right for you and is recommended to ALL of our patients at Shealy-Sorin Wellness. 

Holistic healthcare, the umbrella of many holistic practices, offers a whole body approach when it comes to being healthy.

Rather than offering a copy and paste solution for people suffering from the same issue, while the underlying cause might be completely different, holistic medicine focuses on the individual.

Rather than treating your symptoms, the goal is to fix what’s causing them. This requires evaluating everything that makes you, you.

Your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social needs all play a part in who you are and how you function. When one is neglected or not properly taken care of, it can affect other parts. These issues underneath the surface can then manifest as physical illnesses and diseases.

While some conventional medicines are still used, holistic doctors and practitioners prefer to use natural alternatives and lifestyle changes to help correct any issues your body is facing and also to prevent them.

Holistic medicine can help manage any disease or illness. Many Americans are already discovering the benefits of alternative medicine.

While you wouldn’t want to stop taking any medications provided by your conventional doctor, unless advised to do so by a healthcare professional, a holistic path can be taken by anyone who is interested with the proper guidance.

One way you can start TODAY is by reading “Dr. Shealy’s Top 4 Favorite Wellness Products” and begin adding them to your daily routine! 

You can also join us LIVE on Facebook and YouTube every Wednesday at 5:05 PM for our “Wellness Wednesday” where we do a live show talking about Holistic Healthcare and then open the phones to answer you direct questions! 

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