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Highly Effective Alternative Therapy for Depression

Women sitting on rock celebrating the effectiveness of her alternative therapy for depression

Highly effective alternative therapy for depression does not include antidepressant drugs! Antidepressant drugs are among the worst drugs, with rare major improvement and significant increased risk of suicide. Four major scientific articles say the pHARMacoMafia did not allow publishing of 75% of negative studies!

Meanwhile, the Holistic treatment of depression works well for at least 85% of depressed individuals. At the top of my list is nutritional support: Tryptophan 6000 to 7000 grams, B complex 50 mg, and lithium orotate 15 to 20 mg daily.

In today’s toxic world, with sixty-five percent of rain having glyphosate in it, everyone needs more essential vitamins. And one of the most toxic elements is fluoridated water!

If you live in a fluoridated water town, at least get a Kangan water filter.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION. You can get your essential antioxidants from concentrates such as Orac-Rich Greens and Core Moringa SuperMix. A breakfast slush of these antioxidants with 20 or more grams of whey protein or egg white powder is a great way to begin your day.

Of course other essential health habits must be followed: No smoking, Body Mass Index 18-24, 5 to 8 servings of fruits/veggies daily; exercise 30 minutes 5 times/week; sleep 8 to 9 hour every night.

People who sit all day have the same life expectancy as someone who smokes a pack or two of cigarettes daily. Avoid carbohydrates, potatoes, rice and sugar.

Fish protein is one of the best for your brain, with more essential RNA amino acids than any other.

Move! Interestingly 30 minutes of moderate exercise is better for your mood than any drug in the world. Consider a Vibe Exercise Machine if you do not like to exercise. Let it move you!

Secondly, the Liss Cranial Electrical Stimulator is the single best HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE THRAPY FOR DEPRESSION. Used for an hour each morning it works well in at least 80% of patients, while it raises serotonin and beta endorphin, improves depression, insomnia and jet lag.

When Saul Liss passed, his patent was bought by Fisher-Wallace so it is available, although they have it turned off in 20 minutes and it works best only if used one hour in the morning-just turn on 3 ties!

Biogenics®, with 60 different exercises, retraining the nervous system is also a major safe and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ATERNATIVE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION.

I began with autogenic training and from that came Biogenics.

These guided training exercises help you detach from those things you cannot change. No need playing broken records over and over. Relax, detach, and be at peace!

In fact, you can get my favorite Autogenic Focus MP3 free, just by signing up for my free e-news at Use it twice daily for 3 months to retrain your brain!

Always remember to affirm “I’m OK because God does not create junk!” Be aware that you are a unique soul here for helping others. Contact your personal guardian angel.

Talented Spiritual healers may be more HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION than a psychologist! I have 15,000 letters from patients who received spiritual healing from Olga Worrall.

See a list of recommended healers at About Us on

The Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF® is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION and anxiety. Used an hour or two daily it improves mood, as well as physiology throughout the body, mind and brain, putting you in the zone of optimal health.

Interestingly, under normal circumstances, every cell has a minus 70 mv charge. In all illnesses this normal resting voltage may go down to minus 50 or 60, creating electrical, physical and emotional distress.

The gamma PEMF restores the normal minus 70 mv charge, improving circulation, pain, mood and overall wellness. It is by far the best electrical device for overall health!

The only contraindication is an implanted pacemaker and do not use in pregnancy. It is it helpful in improving blood pressure, oxygenation in lung disease, mood, advanced Parkinsonism and in autism.

As in every chronic situation, drugs fail in curing depression and anti-depression drugs significantly increase the risk of suicide!  Of course if you have been placed on these useless drugs, you need competent Holistic help in weaning and in overcoming depression.

The Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute has been the leader in this Holistic approach for almost 50 years. These approaches are the most HIGHLY EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION, infinitely better than all drugs in the world.

We offer telephone, Skype and Zoom consultations, and for the most difficult situations 5 or 10 day intensive treatment programs. 888-983-3904.


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