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Escaping the Modern Medical System


?C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Recently a friend told me “I don't trust doctors. When I get a really bad sore throat, I go to the Farm Supply Store and buy some Calf-Scour (oxytetracycline). It costs only 62 cents a pill and I get 4 doses out of it!”? She said her vet told her the meds you get for animals are purer than those you get at the doctor's office!?? HMMM-not made in China??

She then told of a man who always got his meds from the veterinarian. His dog was killed by a car. Next time he went for meds, the vet said “We know your dog was killed.” The man said “I have a new one.” The vet insisted on seeing the dog. The man drove around until he found a dog by the street, picked up the dog and went to the vet. “See, there's my dog in the truck.”? The vet sold him the meds. The man took the dog back to the area where he had found it and released the dog!

A physician friend needed a hernia operation but was afraid to spend any time in the hospital. He arranged to have the surgery outpatient and went home as soon as he recovered from anesthesia, so that he would not have to stay overnight in the hospital.

Of course, there are at least two well reported instances where hospitals were closed because of strikes. ?The death rate in the areas went down!? Although, there are wonderful and critical instances where modern medicine is essential for preserving life or function, it is obvious to me that a majority of problems are better non-medically managed! Serious acute illnesses and major trauma are prime examples of those problems where medicine and surgery shine.?

On the other hand, avoiding medicine and “The System” really are much easier and safer than buying Calf-Scour!? As Dr. John Knowles wrote over 30 years ago, “99% of people are born healthy and made ill by human misbehavior.”? His recommendations for Self-Responsibility included avoiding smoking and obesity and increasing physical exercise.

Coronary artery disease, diabetes, stroke, hypertension and the majority of cancers are diseases of irresponsibility-or human misbehavior!

I have often said I should have tatooed on my chest DO NOT OPEN. I have had the habits that should give me the lowest level of atherosclerosis—-no smoking, Body Mass Index of 23, 90+ minutes of exercise daily, daily stress reduction exercises, excellent nutrition, and a feeling of happiness at least 90% of the time. If those do not allow me to avoid atherosclerosis, then perhaps it is time to recycle!? There is NO circumstance under which I would opt for chemotherapy, coronary stents or bypass surgery, or organ transplants. Death is not a threat-torture is!?

Now, there IS a place for modern medicine and surgery. I would not be walking today without the skills of a phenomenal neurosurgeon who saved me from paralysis 13 years ago. I have benefitted from prescription medication when I had an acute sinus infection that also required 3 surgical procedures. I have had an appendectomy. I have had the benefits of a marvelous orthopedist when I did something very STUPID-attempting to get on a green broke horse without exercising him first. I forgot for that afternoon that 80% of accidents are the results of carelessness-human misbehavior!

So I have had more than my 15% of problems which were wonderfully resolved by The System and saved me from serious deficits or death. Nevertheless, the best way to avoid the potential complications of human misbehavior, resulting in potential complications of drugs and unnecessary surgery, is to live a conscious, healthy, common sense, Responsible life!


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