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EP Magazine interviews Dr. Norm Shealy

Headshot of Dr. C. Norman Shealy.

While the science of medicine is indispensable to the physician, it is the art of practicing medicine that heals the human body and soul. 50 years ago, Dr. C. Norman Shealy resolved to restore the soul and spirit to modern medicine through a forward-thinking, holistic approach.

Today, Dr. Shealy is the world’s leading expert on natural chronic pain relief solutions. The first physician to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain and the founder of the International Institute of Holistic Medicine, Dr. Shealy is a pioneer in developing safe, effective treatments for natural chronic pain relief.

Dr. Shealy’s philosophy has served as the foundation for pain management therapies used worldwide, and his program remains a pillar of chronic pain treatment and management to this day. He is credited with the development of the dorsal column stimulator, which uses small electrical currents to adjust the electromagnetic fields within the spine. The breakthroughs generated by the dorsal column stimulator contributed directly to the development and patenting of the TENS system of electrical stimulation. This now patented system for curing chronic pain is still used by traditional and nontraditional practitioners in nearly every specialty today.

Many of Dr. Shealy’s patients suffer from anxiety and depression associated with their chronic pain. Shealy-Sorin Wellness is the world’s foremost holistic clinic, dedicated to optimizing patients’ nutrition, biochemistry, strength, endurance, mental peace and spiritual attunement. With its comprehensive holistic approach, Shealy-Sorin Wellness boasts an 85-percent success rate, which means patients have markedly improved or no longer require drugs.

Now 85 years old, Dr. Shealy remains among the world’s most forward-thinking physicians. Empowering Professionals recently spoke to Dr. Shealy about his remarkable career in medicine.

Empowering Professionals: How would you describe your career as a physician?

Dr. Shealy: I’ve been on a lifelong quest to find ways to successfully manage chronic pain long term without the use of narcotic medications, treating patients who had been otherwise untreatable. I believe deeply in the benefits of complementary and integrative medicine and their ability to address these issues.

EP: Why do you think people are unhealthy?

Dr. Shealy: Between our diet, our exercise habits, our work habits, our sleep habits, only 2.7% of Americans follow the most basic, essential health habits. If we simply adopted these habits, within 25 years, average life expectancy would be 100 years.

EP: What does holistic medicine mean to you?

Dr. Shealy: I have always taken a more common sense, humane approach to medicine. It’s all about safety. Any treatment that I provide, I have to know beyond any reasonable doubt that it is safe. A holistic approach to pain has been my focus for many, many years, and I have treated well over 30,000 patients who have been failed by conventional medicine.

EP: What inspired you take this approach?

Dr. Shealy: Conventional medicine excels in acute illness and emergency medicine, but its approaches to chronic disease remain woefully inadequate. As early as 1971, I recognized that I personally would not want to see any physician that I knew if I had a chronic disease. I was seeing patients from all over the world who were so damaged by multiple surgeries and drugs that they were no longer candidates for anything conventional medicine had to offer.

EP: You are known throughout the world for your innovative contributions to medicine, not just for physical pain, but also emotional pain. One such innovation is Biogenics. What is Biogenics?

Dr. Shealy: Biogenics is a system for retraining the entire nervous system and body to control pain and achieve emotional balance. It is a total mental, physical retraining experience. We teach the body and mind how to gain control of all sensations and how to control our bodies. Then we do insight exercises to gain control over anger, guilt, anxiety and depression. Because it’s always unfinished anger, depression, anxiety and occasionally guilt that causes all the other problems. It teaches patients how to detach from those feelings through self-control and self-regulation.

EP: What do you mean by detachment?

Dr. Shealy: I don’t let myself get upset over things that I cannot change. In order to relax, we need to learn to have total control over what’s happening inside our body. That’s what Biogenics teaches: how to live in present time. The techniques include learning to breathe through the skin, circulating the electrical energy and expanding the electromagnetic energy field around your body.

EP: What are the applications for Biogenics?

Dr. Shealy: Anxiety and depression, of course. We need to learn to control our hang-ups, our anger, guilt, anxiety, depression. Everything is a result of a fear. Fear makes you anxious, and anxiety can make you depressed if it becomes more than you can handle. There’s only one solution: detach. Detaching from those things you cannot change. We’re currently developing a program to teach nurses, counselors and psychologists how to use Biogenics for health enhancement.

EP: What is the future of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness clinic?

Dr. Shealy: I have recently appointed Dr. Sergey Sorin to be the new Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director for the International Institute of Holistic Medicine. I spent 40 years searching for the right physician and Sergey is my soul brother. I’ve trained him in the philosophy that I’ve developed, and I know I can trust him with my legacy. We recently completed work on two major new therapies, Sapphire enhanced Scalar which reduces biochemical stress factors better than anything known before, and Chakra-Sweep Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, which provides excellent pain relief. It also induces Gamma brain activity. I consider it to be potentially the most important discovery of my life.

EP: You’re always working on something new and exciting.

Dr. Shealy: Never a dull moment. I’m more passionate than ever to be a good physician. There’s only one purpose in life: to help people. My goal has always been to help people make their lives better.

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Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. Register to download your FREE autogenic focus MP3 now.


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