Using Flatland by Tom Hansen




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By Tom Hansen

Use Flatland,” a voice said                            11/3/15

It was 1993 and I was beginning to write a short book about spiritual experiences. As I sat at my computer, pondering how to start the book, an audible voice in my head said, “Use Flatland.” I wasn’t sure at that moment what was happening and from where the voice originated. Then I heard this voice again say, “Use Flatland.” So I decided to use Flatland ideas as I started to write my new book.

The book Flatland was written by Edwin A. Abbott in 1884. Abbott describes Flatland as a 2-dimensional world inhabited by 2-dimensional squares, pentagons, and circles. This world is impacted by “beings,” such as spheres, who live in a 3-dimensional reality. As a geometry teacher in the 1960’s, I was intrigued by this concept because I thought it showed students how our vision of reality is limited by our experience. I asked students to explore the Flatland model in several of my classes. We would look at a model of a sphere intersecting a plane. When the sphere first touched the plane, the intersection would be a point. As the sphere passed through the plane, the intersection became a series of circles that became larger and then smaller again. We imagined “living” in that plane. Most of the students would then speculate about whether there was another dimension that we in 3-D do not perceive. I have used the idea of a sphere intersecting a plane in a number of spiritual workshops and lectures I have given over the years, as just one way to direct our consciousness to our soul, or True Self, level of existence.

Other authors have used this sphere idea too, of course. For example, in Ken Graydon’s 2014 book (Healing: The Handbook, pp.58-9), he writes that, “For the purpose of this conversation (about meeting your soul), you visualize your soul as a sphere which is your connection to
oneness with the Creator and with all other consciousness. This is where you may access all knowledge and possibilities. Visit your soul in order to be in the presence of the Creator for your work as a co-creator, and to
bring yourself back to the amazing path of your spiritual purpose.”

In Meg Blackburn Losey’s 2010 book (The Secret History of Consciousness, pp.34-5), she writes that, “One of the first experiences I had when working from a state of higher consciousness was the realization that consciousness, in its truest form, is spherical in shape. When one is in an enlightened state, the consciousness expands and
literally radiates outward from the body. As it does, other people are attracted to the energy, but often mistakenly believe that the person who is radiating the expanded energy is special in some way.” She adds on page 61 that, “You, your imaginings, and your perceptions are the root of
your reality.”

I believe that, because energy follows thought, we have the opportunity to re-direct our unlimited energy toward Spirit, rather than only toward materiality. In order to achieve this re-direction, it is helpful to use
techniques, or “tricks,” to form new pathways upon which our energy can flow. One trick I use is to visualize “me” as being more than the circle that is formed by the intersection of my sphere of consciousness and a plane.
The “me” that I understand and identify with most of the time is just the flat circle in the plane. I then visualize the whole intersecting sphere as the real “Me.” I create a mental picture of that sphere which glows with light, and with love, and that interconnects with all other light-spheres. I think to myself, “This perfect light-sphere is the real Me. I am not just the limited flat shape that I identify with in the physical world.”

By using this simple patterning exercise, I am trying to turn my mind away from the limitations of ego, and thereby re-direct my mind to the unbounded divinity of my True Self. I try to use this exercise whenever I feel I am not acting from Love. You might have a different visualization with more meaning for you than my sphere and plane. Nevertheless, the purpose is to use our creative abilities to construct new pathways for our energy of awareness to travel, whatever “trick” we choose. I believe that if we state our intention to find the Love that is us, for the highest good of all, then this Love will become more and more real to us.

We sometimes say, “practice makes perfect.” I think a more accurate statement would be, “practice reveals perfection.” Try some experimenting yourself. When you start getting angry with someone, stop and visualize yourself as your light-sphere, not just a flat circle. Or, when someone is angry with you, visualize them as their light-sphere, not the flat shape that berates your flat shape. Or, just walk down the street and visualize each person you meet as a sphere of light, not just the body your eyes see. Then observe what happens.

I think we need another sort of “Declaration of Independence.” We need to firmly declare that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that our True Self is not dependent on the physical world. We can
declare our independence from the idea that our consciousness derives from materiality. We can declare that materiality derives from our consciousness. Our consciousness made this physical universe. Our rational, logical minds have a hard time accepting that we are the source of materiality. Thus, we must simply declare that it is so and then attempt to see our bodies and the material world as dependent on our consciousness.

Most of us have been living again and again in a sort of Flatland that is not our true state of being. I don’t think that it is sufficient for us to just accept the ideas that we each have lived many lifetimes, that between lifetimes we review what we have learned and then come back again to learn more, and that we graduate to higher levels of dimension as we “evolve” to higher consciousness. True, all of that happens to most of us, but that is not who we really are. We are the consciousness that creates the dimensions and creates the material universe, and that creates the experiences we have. We also create all of the between-lifetime experiences. We need to remember who we really are. We are one with Source, and collectively, we are Source.

Tom Hansen, PhD, lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Author of the books Trying To Remember (1995) and Remembering Our Oneness (2013).
[email protected]

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Enhancing Bonding and Love with Dawson Church




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Join Dawson on Thursday Nov 5, 2015, for a live training. He’ll explain the genetic “clocks” that sabotage love, and show you a technique that fosters lasting intimacy.

My friend Dawson is the author of the best-selling book “The Genie in Your Genes” and has spent a decade studying what makes love thrive.

Turns out, it’s not at all mysterious.

In fact, it’s based on your body’s biology, your hormones, your genes, and your brain patterns.

Here’s the cool part:
Dawson has discovered a series of simple behavioral skills that shift the levels of these hormones, and literally change the way your brain is wired to act in relationships.
Learn them on Nov 5th at this free training!

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103 Disempowering Beliefs Around Money and Success and How to Eliminate Them




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103 beliefs that are causing you stress and making you sick!

Do you know what the #1 cause of stress is?

It’s money!  Money typically stresses people out more than anything else in their lives.  And with stress comes… you got it… health challenges.  Yikes!

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103 Disempowering Beliefs Around Money and Success and How to Eliminate Them in Minutes

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The 4 Most Important Books



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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

As a life-long bookaholic, I took the Evelyn Wood Speed-reading class in1961 and I read about 100 books every year. Some are entertaining, some captivating and some are just pleasure. There are however 4 that stand out as most critical for understanding the greatest con game in the world. These are:

  • THE COMMITTEE OF 300, 4TH EDITION, by John Coleman
  • DIPLOMACY BY DECEPTION by Dr. John Coleman
  • CAESAR’S MESSIAH  by Joseph Atwill

With the world on the verge of total financial and perhaps judicial collapse because of the Evil Empire, it is not whether but when it occurs. At least it is worth understanding the major factors that are responsible for all the chaos.




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Spiraling Consciousness by Tom Hansen




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Here is another thought provoking commentary from my friend Tom Hansen. It speaks strongly of the illusion of reality.

Spiraling Consciousness


Tom Hansen, July 2015

What was meant to be a wonderful extension of the reality of love was transformed by mistaken thoughts into a world of separation, competition, violence, and spiritual void. We humans have entered a physical realm of beauty and love, and imagined it to be one of survival of the fittest. As we have become lost in our dream of separation from each other and our Creator, we have reformed the earth experience into one that fits our expectations.

A few years ago, I spent time trying to figure out how we have allowed our collective consciousness to seemingly separate from our Creator. That is, how did we get to the point where we could no longer recognize our Creator as being one with us? Why did we see each other as separate physical beings rather than individualizations of the same spiritual force? Is there truly a devil that convinced us that we could not be free unless we were separate? Or did we just experiment with manifesting on the physical plane when we got carried away with the drama we were making?

After mulling over the alternatives, grasping for the truth, I sat in silence and asked, “How did we get into this situation anyway?” Immediately I saw such a clear vision that I became part of it. I was in black space looking at light particles swirling in a circular pattern. Each light particle

was the consciousness of one of us, and the total collection was our collective consciousness blended together. The swirl traveled as both a collection of individuals and as a whole. While part of this swirl, I was also watching it from above. Suddenly the swirling light particles began to contract into a funnel at the farthest point, which went into a hole in the black space, as water in a bathroom sink funnels down the drain. That is exactly what our collective consciousness was doing – going down the drain. As I watched, I heard in my mind these words: “Oh no! We’ve gone too far!”

When I saw the swirling light particles contract into a tighter and tighter spiral, I felt that I was seeing our earthly existence, the complete history, from the outside. It all looked so small compared to the vastness within

which it existed. It looked like a dense and closed system revolving around itself. It seemed like an instant of existence rather than millions of years. Our consciousness was just going round and round within this narrow funnel, contracting continuously and getting nowhere. This funnel of light was not the actual universe, but rather it was our collective consciousness of the universe, being limited by the contraction upon itself. Our normal expanding swirl of light, which had always been a consciousness of creating new life, contracted so that it was aware only of itself. The funnel of light became so dense that we could only see ourselves, not the vastness within and beyond.

This was discomforting, as I watched our consciousness being trapped within itself, but then I realized that I was observing all of this from the vastness. True, I was part of the contracting consciousness, and trapped within it, but at the same time a part of me was able to look from the

outside and see the bigger picture. I had two perspectives at once, as a particle of light within the swirl, and as the swirl looking back upon itself. I understood that only a small part of our consciousness is trapped in the funnel of perceived separateness from the vastness.

It was as if by experimenting within a drama we had forgotten that we created it and control it. The message was clear that we do still control it. The fact that we are one with that vastness has not changed. We haven’t left the oneness with the vastness of our Creator, but we have put ourselves in kind of a holding pattern while we try to get out of our spiraling contraction of consciousness. I felt that the trap we were falling into was not real, but that it interrupted our real purpose, which is to be conscious creators of loving realities.

As I watched our consciousness contracting and swirling, I did not believe that everything is lost, but I sensed that we so completely limit the scope of our consciousness within this spiral that we need help to pull ourselves out. The funnel seemed to have a momentum of its own that couldn’t be stopped from the “inside.” We need help to stop the contracting spiral of consciousness, and then reverse its direction so that it expands to its original source. We are so caught in the density and attraction of the material spiral that we need energy from outside the spiral before we can remember our true expanded and unlimited state of existence.

Our True Selves have never imagined any separation from our Creator. Thus, our True Selves can help us get out of this limiting consciousness. And angels, guides, and other spiritual helpers can join the effort. We need to remember that our True Selves are divine, powerful, unlimited,

expanding, faithful, and the creators of loving manifestations throughout the vastness. We are part of the vastness and we are the vastness. Our Creator is the context in which forever takes place. We are subsets of

that context, but no different in substance from that context. And to our Creator, the spiral of “separation consciousness” is but an illusion soon to be revealed for what it is. We will remember that we never did actually

leave the oneness. We just mentally imagined that we left it. So let us rejoice and forgive each other for what never really happened anyway.

Tom Hansen lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. This article is an abridged chapter from Tom’s book, “Trying to Remember.” (Freedom Press Associates, 1995).

Contact: [email protected]


sHEALyWellness | | [email protected] | 5607 S. 222nd Rd.
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Ozawkie Book of the Dead




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It Isn’t What You Think it IS


The most important book on integration of soul and transfiguration.

Elmer Green, Ph.D., creator of biofeedback, explores the realms off consciousness beyond death.

Three volume set $25.00

Simulation or Reality? by Tom Hansen



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Simulation or Reality?

My friend Tom Hansen has done it again,

Real or unreal. Illusion or ?

Who is doing the dreaming



Simulation or Reality? Tom Hansen, June 2015

It was in the early 1980’s when I was first asked to design a computer-based simulation for children. I was one of the authors of several mathematics books for various publishers, and with microcomputers just then becoming available to schools, the book publishers wanted educational software to accompany the math textbooks.

I decided to design a simulation of people canoeing down a river. Not very exciting by our 2015 standards of virtual realities, but back in the early 1980’s that was still a new idea. I did the educational design and the programmers made the simulation happen, all on an early version Apple 2 computer.

A few weeks later my wife and I were at our cabin in northern Wisconsin, on the West Fork of the Chippewa River. It is a great river for canoeing and fishing, right in front of our cabin. I had brought a test version of the canoeing simulation and my Apple 2 so I could see what worked and what didn’t. My wife’s sister and her three young sons were also with us at the cabin that weekend. I decided to show the simulation to the boys, and they very quickly were able to navigate their simulated
canoe down the simulated river on the computer screen.

But we had two real canoes at our cabin, and it was time to get the boys out on the Chippewa River for a real ride. I couldn’t get them off the computer to go outside and ride in a real canoe on a real river. Eventually, we got them to go for the ride on the river, but for the remainder of the weekend they gravitated back to the computer simulation. My thought at the time was that we designers and programmers were creating a monster. How could our nephews, who had never before used a computer simulation, prefer the simulation to the real world? And
what would the future bring as computers became more powerful and available, and simulations became more lifelike? I had many questions, but the publisher did proceed to publish and distribute the simulation to schools nationwide.

Over the next few years I began to try to learn more about how simulations can look like the real world, and even the possibility that what we think of as the real world is actually a simulation. I studied some of physicist David Bohm’s work, particularly his theory of an “implicate order” existing, from which the “explicate order” is manifested. He uses the ocean and a wave of the ocean as one analogy of the implicate order and explicate order. Hmmm, maybe the explicate order is like a simulation? And maybe we are the consciousness of the implicate order, and we accidently or purposely get lost in the explicate order? David Bohm really opened up the possibilities for me to ponder.

Then I read Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe (HarperCollins 1991). Talbot presented the work of David Bohm and other physicists in a way that a layman like me would have a better chance of grasping. Some of these physicists believed that quantum physics was showing that the universe may be a giant hologram. They proposed that the universe could be, at least in part, an image made by the human mind. Well, I thought, then perhaps we collectively made a simulation of reality (whatever reality is) and placed ourselves in it to experience it. Then, however, we forgot that it is a simulation and that we are the ones who
made it! Wouldn’t you think we could figure out a way to get out of this mess we made?

By the early 1990’s I was also studying A Course in Miracles. I had read the whole book, had gone through the year of daily lessons, and was meeting with a group of other ACIM studiers to discuss what we were each trying to learn. On the day of one of our evening meetings, I was thinking more about this “simulated world” idea that I was running into from several different sources, and I had a sudden, strong “feeling” that the universe REALLY MIGHT BE a simulation that we made. I felt overjoyed, actually. I went to our meeting that night and enthusiastically told the group about how this world is a simulation. That was not a new idea to us, since A Course in Miracles repeats over and over that the world most of us experience is an illusion — an illusion of separation that seems to deny our oneness of consciousness.

But, I didn’t get a supportive response at the meeting to my excitement about the world being a simulation! One person in the group was upset at my simulation comments because a relative of hers had just died. Another person said that the suffering and war and violence of the world are very real, they aren’t simulations, and people who suffer need help and love, not to be told that this world isn’t real. I agreed, that reconciling these “simulation and illusion” ideas with what we each deal with daily in our lives, and in the larger world, seems very difficult for us, if not practically impossible.

However, maybe my nephews were on to something 30 years ago when they apparently thought that the computer-simulated canoe ride was more interesting than a real ride on the real river. Maybe both rivers are simulations? Maybe both are unreal? After all, quantum physics continues to demonstrate, through scientific experiments, that matter is not solid, that it appears to exist in form only when a probability wave of “nothingness” collapses due to observation, and that space and time are simply our human perceptions that do not have a reality of their own. There is much to think about, eh?

These days I like to present ideas of simulation and illusion and “who we really are” in songs that I write and perform. Perhaps this music is one way for us to gently explore these seemingly outlandish concepts, and still be able to work to make the world a better place for everyone. My 2014 CD titled “Book Concert” contains nine of my songs about the simulated world, our true nature, how we got here, and how our awakening consciousness can bring us back to reality. I give the CD away to anyone who asks for it. The lyrics of the nine songs are all quotes from my 2013 book, “Remembering Our Oneness.”

Tom Hansen, Charlottesville, Virginia. Email: [email protected]





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Brain Maker



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Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain-for Life

By David Perlmutter, M.D., Little, Brown, NY, 2015, $28.

90% of your DNA is in the probiotic microbes in your intestines- and to a great extent they determine the health of your entire body and particularly of your brain/mind!!

These critical health controllers are initiated by a healthy, vaginal delivery, breast feeding, exercise, and a healthy diet. They are easily destroyed by antibiotics, chlorinated water, B 12 deficiency, sugar, fructose, gluten, Roundup®, herbicides, pesticides, crummy nutrition, & The Pill! Diabetes, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, Hypertension, depression, anxiety, insomnia, & hypothyroidism are a few of the results of unhealthy gut bacteria!

Antidotes and Health/Brain Enhancers

Exercise, probiotics, live cultured yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha, Tempeh, Kimchi, Pickles, and pickled food, fermented meat, all green veggies and non-starchy vegetables, grass fed tallow, coconut oil, olives, cheese (except blue cheese), seeds, nuts and nut butters, Jerusalem artichokes, all healthy animal proteins.

Minimize non-gluten grains, sweeteners, legumes, carrots and parsnips, whole sweet fruits. Fast for 24 hours once a month or at least once a season. Consider a probiotic enema!!! See book for details.

And although he does not mention it, I would add

food grade diatomaceous earth one to three teaspoons daily!!!


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Becoming Aware by Lisa Garr

by Lisa Garr, Hay House, May 19, 2015

In her never-before-revealed story, discover the life changing events that led Lisa Garr from her near-death experience, leaving her without the ability to say even a few words, to become a TV, radio and Internet sensation with a vision and a passion for changing lives with The Aware Show!

After suffering her traumatic brain injury, Lisa learned visualization and mental exercises from the greatest personal development masters in the world, with over 40 exercises included in this book. The same practices she used to heal her brain and regain her cognition have also served to make her a better parent, a more successful businesswoman, and a Conscious Catalyst.

Lisa recorded a set of audio and video lessons that demonstrate her very special visualizations for use in practical application, called the “Becoming Aware Guide”.

About the Author

Since 1999, Lisa Garr has hosted a popular program on Pacifica Radio Network (KPFK) called The Aware Show. Based on her desire to live in a more conscious world, Lisa created The Aware Show to feature best-selling authors and experts in the fields of natural health, cutting-edge science, personal growth, and spirituality.

With a background in the healing arts, she is considered an expert herself in the field of lifestyle and transformational media programming. In addition, she comes from a long line of entertainers, including her aunt, actress Teri Garr; and her grandmother, Phyllis Garr, an original Radio City Music Hall Rockette. Lisa also hosts a show on Hay House Radio called Being Aware and a series for Gaiam TV called Gaiam Inspirations.

She is a regular weekend host on Coast to Coast AM, syndicated in over 500 stations around the world, and has one of the largest telesummit series on the Internet. Combined, she reaches millions of listeners globally every month.

Purchase ‘Becoming Aware’ & Get A Gift Now [ May 19th Release ]

The Illustrated Food Remedies Source Book



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Finally we have copies of


My evaluation of the health benefits of hundreds of foods.

An A to Z of the foods that can be used as natural remedies to prevent & cure common ailments.
Food is required for life. From the simplest one-celled organism to the most complex of animals-all require a variety of essential nutrients to stay alive and function healthily.
This book provides a reference to promote health and well-being, as well as to cure ailments and illnesses, nourishing from the inside out. Read from cover to cover, or dip in and out, using the index at the back to guide you. Simple tweaks to your everyday diet could add up to huge changes in your future health!!!
Available at:





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