Entries by C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

Nutrition: The Crown Jewel of Cam

Two critical works influenced my interest in safe ”alternatives” to drugs and surgery for most chronic diseases. THE ROLE OF MEDICINE by Dr. Thomas McKeown (The Nuffield Trust, 1976) emphasized the fact that 92% of advances in longevity were the result of sanitation, chlorination of water, pasteurization of milk and adequate protein. Dr. John Knowles, […]

Medical and Counseling Intuition

In 1972 I met Henry Rucker, one of the most charismatic and effective counselors I have ever known. Henry, without any training, was also 70% accurate in making a medical diagnosis without seeing the patient. He became a Pastoral Counselor at the Pain Rehabilitation Clinic, which I had established at St. Francis Hospital in LaCrosse, […]

Lithium Orotate for a Youthful Brain?

I began using lithium orotate as a safe alternative to prescription lithium carbonate over 25 years ago, based on the recommendations of Dr. Hans Nieper in THE HOLISTIC HEALTH REVOLUTION. In general, lithium orotate has been effective in treating most patients with depression, even bi-polar depression, as well as a useful adjunct in ADHD, migraine […]

Iodine: The Silent Deficit

Iodine deficiency was first recognized more than 80 years ago, as a cause of goiter. During the 1920’s it was determined that the MINIMUM daily requirement for adults was 150 micrograms daily. Deficiencies lead not only to goiter but, when iodine-deficient pregnant women delivered babies, the brain of the newborn was severely damaged, leading to […]

Flu Vaccine: Not to Worry

Despite all the angst over the shortage of flu vaccine, I am certainly not worried. In fact I do not get such a shot, despite the fact that I am exposed to many individuals, travel a lot and am over the age ‘recommended’ for vaccination. There are a host of reasons. First, many individuals have […]

Calcitonin Hormone — The Key to a Strong Skeleton?

Calcitonin, a rarely mentioned hormone, is one of the big 3 in maintaining health as we mature. This unique hormone, produced in the thyroid gland, is responsible for the strength and integrity of your skeleton. Since hip fractures from osteoporosis are a major contributor to premature death in the elderly, calcitonin is particularly important after […]

How To Correct Cholesterol Problems

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash The first of the cholesterol problems that needs correction is the cholesterol hoax. The cholesterol hoax may be one of life’s most cruel ironies, as cholesterol is the foundation for most hormones and the nervous system. You manufacture cholesterol constantly and ten minutes of stress produces more cholesterol than you get from […]

How To Treat Depression And Anxiety & Rediscover Joy

Our founding fathers claimed we have a right to the PURSUIT of Happiness. Indeed, I would maintain that life is the pursuit of happiness. However, clinical medicine reports that 20% of Americans are taking antidepressant drugs at any given time and that at least another 20% ‘need’ antidepressants. Although psychiatrists have a variety of categories […]