7 Steps to Stress Free Healthy Living

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BIOGENICS: Mind. Body. Spirit

BIOGENICS® will help relieve pain, depression and anxiety as well as chronic disease. If you have given up on conventional medicine, try BIOGENICS®.

Holistic Pain Management

An online course will give you a full overview of every Holistic Pain Management technique Dr. Shealy & Dr. Sorin use to holistically address & eliminate pain.

BIOGENICS® will help relieve pain, depression and anxiety as well as chronic disease.  BIOGENICS® will teach you how to:

Rewire your Brain

BIOGENICS® is much more than a simple set of video lectures. It’s a complete blueprint which can transform your life and take it to the next level.

Achieve a Phenomenon called Neuroplasticity

BIOGENICS® explores the science and cutting-edge research behind neuroplasticity, then teaches you how to harness its power and change the way your brain functions from the ground up.

Reduce Anxiety & Stress and Managing Pain

It’s really quite simple, we use sound treatment and brain waves synchronization to induce the same mental state associated with a meditation practice, but much quicker!

The Shealy-Sorin BIOGENICS® method has an 85% success rate among people who have not been helped by conventional medicines and therapies, and the 15% that did not have success did not work the program as they should have. With over 35,000+ successful outcomes what are you waiting for? Begin today!

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