Youthful Aging – Life Beyond 100: Secret of the Fountain

YOUTHFUL AGING – LIFE BEYOND 100: Secret Of The Fountain When I began this newsletter in September, 2004, the title of my next book was YOUTHFUL AGING—SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN. The book has been further polished and is to be published by Tarcher this December as LIFE BEYOND 100-THE SECRET OF THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. […]

Youth Formula

YOUTH FORMULA Seventeen years ago I became interested in DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone, undoubtedly the single most important hormone indicating your life energy or stress reserves. My first intuitive hit was to use natural progesterone. It worked well, raising DHEA up to 100% over baseline (average 60%). But if you start with a level of only 150ng/dl, […]

You Can’t Afford the Luxury of Depression – Or Anger

YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE LUXURY OF DEPRESSION – OR ANGER In 1974 one of my patients, moribund from metastatic cancer, cured herself by forgiving her family. Thirty months later she became depressed when her dog died and her pain returned. Fortunately she came to see me and the cancer had not returned. After careful analysis, […]

A Review Of WORST PILLS, Best Pills

Four pills in a woman's hand.

Worst Pills, Best Pills, edited by Sidney Wolfe, M.D, et al. Pocket Books, N.Y., 2005 This remarkable 900+ page book is an encyclopedia that anyone who is even vaguely considering a drug should consult. Indeed, this post is being written the very week when three more categories of drugs hit the skids. One of my […]


For twenty-five years, Zechariah Sitchen’s The Twelfth Planet and subsequent volumes of his Earth Chronicles have intrigued me. His description of The Bible as an abbreviated ”digest” of history is particularly intriguing, especially when one carefully reads Genesis. The discussion in Genesis of The Elohim – ”the Gods who came down,” and a vindictive Jehovah […]

To Test or Not To Test: Are Common Medical Tests Necessary?

Woman with a face shield performing a common medical test.

Over the last 100 years, ever more complex laboratory tests have been developed. In the 1950’s, before the advent of most modern tests, the Cornell Medical Index was a simple set of questions including current symptoms, past history and family history. A physician trained in the use of this test could make a medical diagnosis […]

The Shealy Relaxmate II

A picture of the Shealy RelaxMate II.

The Shealy RelaxMate II visual relaxation system is the world’s best assistant for quick, restorative relaxation. More than 90% of my 50,000 users report entering a “deep state of relaxation” within 10 minutes. You can use the Shealy RelaxMate II for: THE ULTIMATE IN RELAXATION! ENERGY BOOSTING! IMPROVED CONCENTRATION! OPTIMAL STRESS REDUCTION! Stress is the […]


THE PALEO DIET -A REVIEW THE PALEO DIET, by Loren Cordain, John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, N.J., 2002. $14.95 We all know that agriculture began only about 10,000 years ago. Prior to that humans ate wild game, fish and wild fruits and vegetables. There were virtually no grains. Cordain strongly suggests that we revert to […]

The Glycemic Index

Most intelligent individuals know that sugar is not good for you. Indeed, it is downright harmful, not only raising blood sugar but also depleting you of many essential nutrients, mobilizing insulin, and eventually wearing out the pancreas. Glucose’s ability to raise blood sugar is rated as having a Glycemic Index (G.I.) of 100. The higher […]

The Barnes Diet

Dr. Broda Barnes was a family physician who revolutionized our concepts of nutrition and hypothyroidism. He also had a Ph.D. in thyroid biochemistry. He emphasized the wide variety of symptoms in hypothyroidism, from cold intolerance to heat intolerance; from weight loss to weight gain; from high to low blood pressure, etc. But above all, he […]